One-stop shop for global greenhouse logistics

The Dutch are known the world over for their expertise in greenhouse construction. But how can all the parts and accessories required to build greenhouses always flawlessly come together in the right place at the right time? As a builder or supplier of greenhouses you want to solely focus on your core business. And thanks to Broekman Logistics you can!

Broekman Logistics specialises in greenhouse logistics. Two words is all we need to put in motion the entire supply chain like a well-oiled machine. Irrespective of where in the world the materials need to go. We know the market and we know the way on every continent. We will fully unburden you and are your one-stop shop for all your global greenhouse logistics.


One-stop shop

No matter how you arrange your project for the construction of new greenhouses: we take care of the logistics for you. From collecting all the various parts and accessories from suppliers, consolidating them in one location, efficiently stuffing containers and arranging customs formalities to organising the transport by air or sea. Our experienced local representatives next ensure rapid customs clearance and timely delivery at the final destination. Perfectly in line with the planning of your greenhouse construction project.

Proven worldwide experience

Canada, Australia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia ... we have already been arranging the total logistics for global turnkey projects of many reputable greenhouse builders for many years. We know the market, know the specific requirements that greenhouse logistics and transport must meet. And should an unexpected problem occur in the logistics chain, then we solve it. Like no other, we know that delays are not an option for you. We flexibly and creatively find alternatives.

Greenhouse logistics via Broekman means: