Joined forces to handle your valuable machinery

Trends in the industrial & agricultural machinery industry

The improving economy and the global population growth are leading to a rising demand for machine production. Growth is especially expected in technology used for the production of cars, buildings and sustainable applications such as windmills.

Worldwide there is an increasing demand for advanced agricultural machinery. Due to a rising need for quality products and rising labour costs, agricultural products are often machine-processed. For example, the world’s most innovative cherry sorting machine is located in Chile; high-tech components from southern Europe and New Zealand were used to create this machine.

Machinery is shipped around the world to major industries in various markets, including data processing, food, agriculture, metalworking and health care. One of your major challenges is to apply all technological developments and work towards smart industry solutions.

Machinery transport, door to door delivery

Your valuable machinery does not come in standard sizes, which means your cargo needs special care. Probably your machinery cannot be consolidated together with other products for transport. You do want your products transported in the most efficient way, preferably from door to door. Expertise, safety, flexibility and creativity are key when it comes to transportation of industrial and agricultural machinery. Your logistics partner should contribute ideas about how to handle your products most safely and efficiently. That is why you need experts who work with your products as if they were their own. You want to count on specialists that strengthen your market position by knowing the ins and outs of your industry.

Machinery warehouse and machinery transport

Broekman Logistics has multiple specialisations under one roof. We offer you a global network of forwarders, shipping agents, ship owners, warehouse specialists, stevedores and partners to extend your reach – all under one window of Broekman. Accordingly, we combine forces to handle your valuable machinery. By anticipating future needs and events we offer you customised solutions. A single contact person keeps you fully informed about the status of your products.

Broekman Logistics in industrial and agricultural machinery