power generation equipment

power generation equipment

Safety and time are top-priority

Trends in your industry

Urbanisation, industrialisation and population growth are leading to a growing worldwide demand for energy. The countries in Asia Pacific have the biggest share in power plants. The market for power generation manufacturers is not only changing in size, it is also creating new focus. For example, the shale gas boom has helped natural gas to increase its market share in electricity generation substantially over the last decade. The quest for clean energy has made policymakers around the world look at natural gas as an alternative. Add to that the growing awareness of the environmental impact of the industry. In answer to these developments power generation companies are shifting focus to develop products and technologies that have relatively low CO2 emissions, small risks of defects and meet high safety standards.


Your need

Products like generators and turbines are a logistical challenge because of their size and weight. That is why you appreciate flexibility and a coordinated approach in fulfilling your special logistics needs. A diverse range of expertise and equipment is indispensable, because you want to save time and money along the way. Therefore, meeting your time schedules is top-priority.

Our guarantee

Power generation equipment needs special care. Broekman Logistics is a reliable logistics partner with over 55 years of experience. With forwarding, shipping and stevedoring expertise, we represent carriers and serve destinations worldwide. We guarantee you a safe transportation and careful handling of your special cargo against competitive rates. Moreover, Broekman Logistics is fully equipped to handle all multimodal aspects of your projects with precision and care. Our services include shipments, assembly, modification, overhaul, packing and storage.

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