Using supply chain knowledge to add value

Trends in your industry

The steels and metals industry is unpredictable because of highly fluctuating customer demands. These demands are affected by the world economy. Moreover, commodity prices, manufacturing costs and customers’ needs flowing from industries as construction, truckmotive and heavy machinery all influence the total demand for steels and metals. Meanwhile, the industry is more sustainable and keen on improving carbon footprints. Taking all trends in consideration, it explains why logistics partners must ensure a smooth and well-coordinated supply chain. That is how we help you add value to your products.

Your need

Players in the market of steels and metals are interested in a neutral logistics stevedore & forwarding company. You need an experienced partner that takes care of your total supply chain efficiently and flexibly through high-quality transhipment and handling. A specialist that helps to keep your stock levels under control in specifically equipped and well-secured hubs.

Our guarantee

Broekman Logistics provides year-round (all-weather) stevedoring and warehousing for steels and metals, pairing workmanship with flexibility while organising your logistics. We constantly think with you and are keen to jointly improve your logistics strategy. Being based in Rotterdam, we present you with an attractive option for the multimodal import and export of your steels and metals products to and from North-Western Europe. In short, we organise your supply chain from beginning to end, minimising risk and adding value.

Broekman Logistics in steels & metals