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The 1872 completion of the ‘Nieuwe Waterweg’ opened a global connection for Rotterdam, sparking significant growth of port activities. By 1962, Rotterdam became the world’s largest port.


Rotterdam is where it all happens, this is where history is written, and this is also where our history commences.


An entrepreneurial spirit from our early days onwards

In the 60’s, with the growth of global trade and import of cars from all over the world, three business families see the opportunity for an independent shipping agent in the port of Rotterdam to take care of their interests. Amongst them was the Geuther family, the current sole shareholder of Broekman Logistics. With an entrepreneurial spirit and full of confidence, the families ask Aad Broekman to lead this enterprise.

On October 27th 1960, Aad Broekman becomes the name giver of the newly formed company, by entering the “Scheepvaartmaatschappij Broekman Motorships N.V.”  in the register of companies in Rotterdam.

The true success story of Broekman Logistics starts on January 17th 1961. The M/S Wasaborg sails into the Nieuwe Waterweg and she carries 250 tons of conventional cargo and eighteen cars, with guidance of the Broekman team.


Our people make the difference

In the first decades of existence Broekman grows on all fronts. Consumers have more room for expenditure than ever before. There is an increasing global supply of goods with Rotterdam as a logistics turntable for Europe. Import of cars continues to grow. The business matures. With more and more representations from ship owners, Broekman manages to win a definite place between the most important shipbrokers and shipping agents operating in Rotterdam. Shipping containers for Evergreen bring in a large amount of work and spur the growth of Broekman Logistics.

It is in those first years that the foundation was formed on which further expansion could take place. People made the difference. Long-term partnerships were formed. A team of people with ambition, perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit, who care for each other. The personal touch was born. A value which is still an intrinsic part of today’s Broekman DNA.


Adding value to logistics

The world changes: “Lo-lo becomes Ro-Ro” and Broekman starts to focus on new markets. In 1995, Broekman executes its first acquisition: the Rotterdam Car Terminal. Although the car terminal has been divested in the meantime, it is the mindset of those days that shape Broekman Logistics today. Pre-delivery inspections and car-washing were early steps in adding value to logistics, expanded to more advanced technical services for the automotive segment.

In 1999 Evergreen informs Broekman that they want to move on independently. This event marks a turning point for Broekman. The company is immediately looking beyond and taps into its expertise on shipping from Asia to Western and Central Europe. Broekman realises that logistics processes are becoming more complex. Modern containerships are bigger and shipping companies want to focus on their core business. At the same time shippers and receivers work with semi-finished products.

It is not about moving products, but about adding value to supply chains by making them more efficient. It is about delivering the promises that the clients of Broekman Logistics make with their clients.


Expanding our Global Reach

There is a need for a specialist to take care of all logistic needs, no matter what kind or size of cargo –  or where in the world it needs to go. This is exactly what Broekman Logistics can do and wants to do. The new ambition is to achieve business growth by expanding the global reach. Fast growth is realised by acquisition of a range companies with a promising business case that will strengthen Broekman Logistics.

In the upcoming years, many acquisitions follow: Altrex & Farha and Tjonger Group (2002) – almost doubling the amount of employees. Quickly followed by Trans Forwarding (2003) and Triaf (2005), boosting the international expansion.

The acquisition of Courcan Cargo (2006), marks Broekman Logistics’ step on Indian soil, the most promising growth economy in the world.


Long-term Partnership in Machinery

Broekman Logistics signs a contract with a Japanese producer of excavators to replace its car business at the Born location in Dutch Limburg. This is where history comes together: The personal touch of the early days. The mindset of a global reach, the true willingness to understand other cultures. The mentality to add value to logistics. To look beyond logistics and offer services such as technical assembly and other customisation activities.

Broekman Logistics realises that long-term partnerships are the best way to make supply chains more efficient. With strong collaboration, true impact is made. Promises can be delivered.

The transformation from shipping agent to supply chain manager has become reality. Broekman Logistics is a full service logistics organisation offering Value Added Logistics & Services on a worldwide basis.

Broekman Logistics becomes an industry specialist in processing and storing complex, heavy or dangerous products and transporting them through smart solutions.


Specialist acquisitions in Industrial and Chemicals segment

Broekman continuous to grow organically, but also expands by acquiring companies. The company adjusts its focus to companies with a specialism in specific industries. The acquisitions of Gevelco (2006) and Marico (2014) mark Broekman Logistics’ first step in the industrial & heavy cargo segment with terminal and stevedoring activities in Rotterdam and Eemshaven. Exciting projects are being executed. Big, bigger, biggest. Broekman Logistics handles it all!

New specialist markets are explored, by entering in the chemical logistics, with the acquisition of Storeship (2007), TWO Chemical Logistics (2013), and the VLS-Group (2018).

The forwarding and shipping department start to serve as the glue to offer end-to-end supply chain solutions in these segments.

Looking Beyond!

Broekman Logistics has a bright future ahead.

Sustainability and digitalization are the core focus of current investments, while people continue to make the difference.

With an even stronger focus as Industry Specialist and by offering end-to-end solutions in these markets, Broekman Logistics understands that this is exactly a what its clients are looking for:

A partner who understands that with a long-term relation, supply chains can be made more efficient.

A partner who understands the impact that logistics has on the world.

A long-term partner who looks beyond logistics.

Today, Broekman Logistics are 1000 colleagues in the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Poland, India and China, collaborating to deliver you promises.

Broekman Logistics Globe Looking Beyond Earth

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