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Packaging and Labelling

Contract Logistics

Guaranteeing product safety during transportation and storage is what we consider your top priority in shipments. When leaving our warehouse, your products are protected and equipped with the right information.

Packing, packaging and repackaging


Packaging has been used for centuries to protect and transport products. It also helps identify, preserve and combine them. We see it as a comprehensive value-added logistics service, taking responsibility for moving, storing and carefully packing or repacking goods.

From inbound to outbound logistics processes, we take responsibility for the goods’ transfer. We specialise in packing, repacking or co-packing your goods for further distribution. Whether your products arrive in small or wholesale quantities, we pack your goods and distribute them further in the supply chain towards your end customer.

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Labelling for traceability, information and direct selling to customers

Looking Beyond

Labelling is crucial for efficient inventory management, order accuracy, and efficient tracking throughout the supply chain. We make sure your product is provided with logos, tags, barcodes and prices. This enables us to distribute your product directly to a new destination where the product is sold to end-users.

In our warehouses, we label products in both safe and hazardous storage areas, strictly following regulations for a secure environment. We make sure products can be easily identified and provide the right information for handling and storage. Additionally, we provide handling instructions, safety instructions, and expiry dates.

How can we help you?

Jasper Heijnen

Manager Business Development
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Jasper Heijnen

We ensure safe, compliance and efficient warehouse operations


Our trained staff is certified for proper packaging, labelling, documentation, and reporting for both domestic and international shipments of your goods:

  • Packaging: packing or repacking into new cartons, plastic and pallets
  • Labelling: applying specialised labels with product names, country specific information, logos, barcodes, prices and tags
  • Display building: building of displays for presentation of goods
  • Bundling: bundling of various products into one final product
  • Co-packing and shrink wrapping for commercial packaging
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Logistics excellence meets safety and quality standards

We are dedicated to the highest safety and quality standards, for our people working in the warehouses and the products that we distribute. Non-hazardous as well as hazardous goods are stored in our warehouses, requiring different handling and storage. Packaging and labelling play an important role in this process, in our warehouses and for further distribution of goods.

Each country, within Europe, Asia or the Americas, has its own set of legal and quality standards for products in the market. We are well-acquainted with these requirements. We guarantee that our industrial partners can distribute their products in full compliance and assurance.

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