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Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2022


We are proud of our colleagues, the results we achieve together, the partnerships we build with our industrial partners, and the sustainability report you are about to read.

Contributing to sustainable logistics practices

We approach sustainability as a broad concept, using the ESG structure – also known as the later form of the triple P (People, Planet, Profit) – which covers all aspects of sustainability from an Environmental, Social and Governance perspective. As the solid basis for our CSR Policy, we use both the OECD* Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We consider both as important tools to comprehensively approach sustainable business practices.

We continuously reflect on how we can improve our logistics services and contribute to sustainable and intelligent supply chains. We ensure that our industrial partners can deliver the promises they make to their end-customer, looking beyond logistics and providing sustainable and customised solutions.

How we reduce our ecological footprint

Sustainability when moving goods from location A to B

We are dedicated to sustainability at all our international offices, in the Benelux, Czech Republic, Poland, China and India. One of our expertise that we offer, international freight forwarding, includes multimodal transportation which allows for efficient and cost-effective movement of goods. In addition to offering these services, we are committed to the ‘modal shift’, which is understood as transporting as many containers as possible via inland waterways rather than trucks on the road. This initiative is also known as the Joint Corridors Off-Road, including the Rotterdam Corridor and the Limburg express in the Netherlands.

The success and position in today’s machinery, industrial and chemicals markets would not be possible without the right people, leadership, and culture. Logistics is a people business, which is why people are our most valuable asset. Through continuous development of our employees and adhering to the highest health and safety standards, we ensure that our people are fully equipped to meet the needs of our customers.

Prioritising energy efficiency and waste reduction

Sustainability in our warehouses

In collaboration with our partners, we prioritise using the most sustainable forklifts and warehouse trucks within our warehouses.

A substantial part of our warehouse activities involves specialty (packed) chemicals. Thus, we’ve established structures within our operations to process hazardous waste and comply with proper disposal regulations.


We are Ecovadis certified

Looking Beyond

Our CSR policy is strengthened by our Ecovadis Silver Medal for sustainability. The EcoVadis methodology framework assesses companies’ policies and actions as well as their published reporting related to the environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. With a score of 56 out of 100 points, we are in the top 11% of logistics service providers rated by EcoVadis. As Broekman Logistics we are very proud and look forward continuing the sustainable developments within our operations.

Broekman Logistics EcoVadis 2023 Silver

Digitalisation projects at our terminals and in our warehouses


We are dedicated to sustainability at all our international offices. Our collective efforts are highly focused on automating and digitising processes. We aim to become less reliant on paper in our operations, ultimately striving for a paperless work environment. Additionally, we place great value on proper waste separation in our offices to facilitate effective recycling.

Another example we would like to highlight involves the digitalisation projects at our terminals, warehouses, and offices. It contributes to our employees’ job satisfaction and makes workflows more efficient, and therefore more sustainable. Finally, they not only provide us but also our clients with better insights into results, contributing to customer satisfaction.



Fabienne Struijs

We commit to long term partnerships


An excellent example of our ‘Looking Beyond’ culture is the way we collaborated with Kubota, one of our key clients, to design a new warehouse that enables even more efficient collaboration. Operations of the Japanese manufacturer have been moved from our warehouse in Born to Weert. The state-of-the art 60,000 square meter warehouse in Weert is equipped with the latest technologies, contributing to the sustainability of our client’s supply chain and, consequently, their own customers.

Vestiging Weert Warehouse
AEO certificate_Broekman Logistics
SQAS certification_Broekman Logistics
AEO certificate_Broekman Logistics
SQAS certification_Broekman Logistics
AEO certificate_Broekman Logistics
SQAS certification_Broekman Logistics
AEO certificate_Broekman Logistics
SQAS certification_Broekman Logistics
AEO certificate_Broekman Logistics
SQAS certification_Broekman Logistics
AEO certificate_Broekman Logistics
SQAS certification_Broekman Logistics

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