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Heavy lift storage


Looking for a specialist that can handle your non-standard products? Broekman has a state of the art terminal that facilitates the handling, assembly, storage, and other value added activities for your complex and overweight cargo.

The operational terminal activities related to handling cargo like generators, turbines and oil rig parts are probably the most challenging and complex task in logistics. That is because offshore and heavy lift items do not come in standard sizes. Most of them cannot be separated and many are too large to fit into standard containers. Which is why our customers – primarily in offshore, energy and mining sectors – appreciate our flexibility in fulfilling their specialised needs.


Broekman provides you with transshipment facilities for inland barges and seagoing vessels. We have a range of Value Added Logistics for heavy lift cargo, including assembly, modification, overhaul, packing & crating and lashing & securing. Our Heavy Lift Centre can also be used for marshalling. We will collect the various parts of a project from different world regions on your behalf, put them together and dispatch them as a single project. We can provide you with this solution thanks to our dedicated project logistics team. 


In Rotterdam we have a Heavy Lift Centre that connects directly to a quay that is specifically designed for offshore and heavy lift cargo. The spacious basins of this port ensure that even the largest ships can enter and depart here 24 hours a day. This terminal is ideal for transporting your complex and heavy cargo to and from locations all over the world.


Broekman ensures that safety standards are met on board and ashore. We continually invest in modern facilities and in a highly trained workforce. We hold all necessary permits to operate the specialised equipment used for heavy lift cargo, protecting your employees and your cargo.


Our offshore & heavy lift services include:

  • Handling almost all types of breakbulk, heavy lift and out of gauge cargo.
  • Indoor storage and assembling, modifying and lashing your cargo.
  • Warehousing (20,000 m² indoor and 40,000 m² outdoor).
  • Mobilising and demobilising vessels.
  • Lifting possibilities with overhead cranes up to 700 tonnes and a floating crane with 1800 tonnes lifting capacity.

Do you wish to know more? Contact our expert Mark de Laat for more information.