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Stuffing and Stripping

All-in-one Container Freight Station solutions

Are you looking for a total solution for your container transport? And do you want to partner up with a logistics service provider that has a global reach, but still provides you with a personal and fixed contact person? Broekman Logistics is able to offer you all container freight services for your out of gauge cargo handled through the port of Rotterdam. Our container freight station located at the strategic heart of the port of Rotterdam allows you to find a total supply chain solution for your logistics flow. In that way, all your container services can be handled at once. Broekman Project Services is ideally located for all container and freight services such as stuffing and stripping of containers, lashing and unlashing and other services such as custom made packaging solutions.

Container stuffing and stripping in Rotterdam

All container transport and container (un)loading can be handled via our own terminal, located in the Waalhaven of the port of Rotterdam. Stuffing and Stripping container services are often additional services that are sought in the entire supply chain of your Out of Gauge project cargo. With the possibility of combining the storage of your goods and providing these freight services, Broekman Logistics is able to optimise your logistics process due to our dedicated team of professionals. We offer competitive all-in pricing in addition to the latest equipment and facilities to handle your cargo, together with a broad spectrum of Forwarding and Breakbulk services.

  • Packaging Services

      You need your products and materials to arrive at their destination in perfect condition. If they’re damaged, your company profits are negatively affected and you have to re-send materials. Because we work as a complete packaging centre, we offer a number of helpful services that will make your job easier. We can take inventory, weigh, package and repackage your materials and even provide pick and pack services to make sure your end-user receives the exact goods they need and your professional organization gives the right impression every time.

  • ​​​​​​​Lashing and unlashing

Our experienced team is able to lash all your out of gauge cargo and make it seaworthy following the strictest norms and requirements. At our own terminal we also have our own warehouse available for all materials involved. Our experienced team is able to supply timber to accommodate your cargo according to ISPM 15 regulations. ​​​​​​​


Container services at strategic location in the Netherlands

Broekman Logistis has several locations in the Netherlands that facilitate container services. With more than 20 years of experience our fully equiped terminal, Broekman Project Services, and our skilled team of experts can provide all containers services. Specialized in Out of Gauge Cargo, Broekman Logistics’ Stuffing & Stripping of the containers will take place at our own Offshore & Heavy Lift terminal, which is fully equipped with state of the art machinery, such as our heavy lift cranes ( overhead crane and floating crane) with a lifting capacity up to 1.800 tons. Broekman Logistics is certified according to ISPS, AEO & ISO9.001:2008 + ISO 14. 001 standards and offers a qualitative and cost-efficient Stuffing and Stripping service to complement your logistics process.

Why choose Broekman Logistics?

  • All-in competitive pricing

  • State of the art facilities and equipment at our own terminal

  • Own staff

  • Multiple barge connections

  • Cost-efficient solutions