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Forwarding and shipping

Broekman Logistics International Freight Forwarding

Importing or exporting your products often involves multiple carriers, requirements and legalities. Complicated paperwork, customs and tax issues, endless communications with foreign points of contact, negotiations for optimal shipping, transport and storage prices and conditions: it can all be a tremendous burden. Broekman Logistics offers freight forwarding services to help you with this burden. 

Do you want this burden relieved so you can fully focus on your and your customers' core business? Are you looking for a freight forwarding service provider who is more than ‘just a freight forwarder’? One that is a true asset to your dealings in international transportation of goods? Broekman Logistics is your international freight forwarder partner who will save you and your clients untold time and potential headaches while providing transportation of your products at competitive rates. We support you in a full range of freight forwarding services on a global scale.


Broekman Logistics is a full service logistics organisation specialising in sea, road, rail, air and multimodal transport. Broekman Logistics has its headquarters in the Netherlands. Broekman Logistics offers te following freight forwarding services:


Broekman Logistics is an international freight forwarder and provides global logistics service solutions through international offices in the world. Our own offices are located in Western and Central Europe, South and East Asia. Our offices around the world work together intensively. Over the years we have built an extensive network of partners and agents throughout the globe.

International freight forwarder - Logistics hotspots 

Our own multilingual team is represented at logistics hotspots around the world: Amongst others, Rotterdam and Venlo in the Netherlands, Antwerp in Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, China and 15 different locations in India. This ensures that we have an understanding of customs procedures in all the countries that Broekman Logistics operates. Moreover, we can serve you with our global network of partners and agents.



Broekman Shipping is an independent, multi-shipping agency with over 55 years of experience in the shipping industry. We offer you a complete package of maritime services for the Liner and non-Liner agency business in the most important ports in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

We are specialised in Shipping Containers, Roll-on Roll-off(Ro-Ro), High and Heavy, Breakbulk, Dry Bulk and Special Projects. Broekman Shipping has an excellent reputation in shipping society, amongst others with Port Authorities, Stevedores, Customs and other stakeholders. At Broekman shipping you can be assured of the best service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Broekman Logistics also acts as a global shipping forwarder. Shipping represents more than 10 liner services offering worldwide ocean transport.
Simply entrust your project cargo to us and we will take care of the rest. An experienced team will take care of all your requirements as from the booking.

We are specialised in: 


Broekman Shipping is the exclusive member of Multiport in the Netherlands, the world’s largest independent ship agency network. Multiport represents 10% of global agency business by the port call. One of the main objectives of Multiport is to ensure that the services of the members have the best-in-industry standards.