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Global Supply Chain Disruption: Challenges and Opportunities for the Netherlands

Influenced by the Covid pandemic and its aftermath, including ongoing blockades in China, and the effects of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, industries and consumers around the world are feeling the impact of a global supply chain crisis. What will be the impact on companies operating in the NL-India trade corridor? Will this crisis offer new opportunities for cooperation?

On October the 6th, Rik Pek and Martijn Tasma attended the Netherlands Indian Business Meet in Rotterdam. Together with the NICCT (Netherlands India Chamber of Commerce and Trade), opportunities were highlighted by high-level speakers from different perspectives. Rik Pek was one of these speakers and he spoke about the opportunities and possibilities of value to the industry.


In addition, the NIBM attracted over 200 small-sized, medium-sized, and multinational companies active in the Netherlands-India business arena. There was ample opportunity to network with relevant stakeholders and share their experience together.

We had a pleasant afternoon and hope to make important contributions to the Netherlands-India corridor in the future.

Are you curious to learn about the possibilities in India? Please reach out to one of our professionals Martijn Tasma.

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