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BLUE4C™: Broekman Logistics Unlocking Europe

Blue stands for Broekman Logistics Unlocking Europe, and 4C is short for Coordinates, Combination, Customised & Compliant. The concept deliberately links the ‘4’ and the ‘C’, to symbolise a combination of factors.

Broekman Logistics BLUE4C Venlo from Broekman Logistics on Vimeo.

Addressing trends in logistics

With the new concept, Broekman Logistics addresses four recent trends: shifting modalities, rising product-market combinations that require different warehouses, changing safety standards, and the globalisation of production and logistics.


TREND 1: Changing Modalities

Our Promise: Coordinates that fit your needs

TREND 2: Upcoming new product market combinations

Our Promise: Combinations for a changing market

TREND 3: Globalization of Supply Chains

Our Promise: Customised solutions for your clients

TREND 4: Changing Safety Regulations

Our Promise: Compliant technology and people

Broekman Logistics Unlocking Europe

With locations at the logistics hotspots in the BeNeLux, including the Port of Antwerp,  Port of Rotterdam and the Limburg region (NL border with Germany), Broekman Logistics offers you full access to the European market, and the other way around.