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Fiscal Representation


Importing your goods into Europe via the Netherlands and then transporting them across the European Union (EU) require compliance with national laws on value added tax (VAT). Make Proceed Logistics, wholly owned subsidiary of Broekman Logistics, your Dutch fiscal representative and you will not only be fully compliant with tax regulations, but you will also find considerable cost-saving opportunities.

Companies based outside the EU but wanting to do business in EU Member States can face a lot of uncertainties. What are the procedures for registering as a business exporting to a Member State? Can a VAT zero rate be applied to cross-border supplies between EU Member States? Is a bank guarantee required by the tax authorities?


Appointing a fiscal representative is an attractive option for foreign companies doing business in Europe. With Proceed Logistics you gain a single point of contact for all your customs and VAT transactions. At the same time, you lose the risks of being non-compliant and of missing out on cash-friendly schemes such as the deferred-payment option for VAT.


A fiscal representative prevents you from paying unnecessary import VAT. Dutch tax law requires you to pay import duties and VAT as soon as your goods are declared in the Netherlands. Since the standard VAT rate is 21%, you could end up paying a substantial amount before claiming back your VAT in the periodic tax return. By making us your fiscal representative, you only pay tax when your products are actually sold to your customers. Additionally, you can reclaim your VAT periodically.


Relying on our fiscal services means you are free to focus on your core business. You can also improve your cash flow significantly by participating in VAT deferral schemes. On top of that you can simplify your administrative obligations across the EU and remove language barriers. And besides, we correspond with the Dutch tax authorities on your behalf.


As a general representative, Proceed Logistics can handle all your VAT-related transactions in the Netherlands, including storage after import, subsequent trade between companies in different Member States and export shipments. In other words, you receive the same VAT rights as those enjoyed by EU companies. Our services include:

  • Registering your business for VAT with the local tax office
  • Ensuring you are fully compliant with all the relevant regulations
  • Preparing and submitting VAT returns and EU Intrastat
  • Processing your VAT payments
  • Ensuring the right VAT rate is applied
  • Checking the validity of your customers’ VAT numbers