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Wind Energy Logistics

An optimised supply chain for a growing innovative energy sector

Wind turbine technology is taking over the energy sector. The process is increasingly becoming more sophisticated, which means the market is becoming more and more attractive for businesses and other investors. With a total energy production of 500GW by installed wind turbines in 2017, the market is expected to continue this growth curve for the upcoming period as major subsidised projects are being started. This results in more efficient wind turbine parks that are growing in size as well. This growing market provides an estimate of 1,155,000  by the end of 2016, according to the Global Wind Energy Council.

A strategic location to accompany your supply chain

Europe, especially the UK and Denmark, takes a leading role when it comes to developing wind energy parks and innovative solutions to provide the world with clean power. These projects require a lot more regulations than meets the eye. Just think about the logistics that come with projects like these. Not only in Europe, but all over the world the overall trend seems to be catching on: Despite the fact that China is still one of the biggest contributors of Carbon Dioxide pollution, it is also the country with the greatest wind power capacity.

Broekman Eemshaven Services

In order to respond to the needs and requirements of the Wind Energy market, Broekman Logistics has its own Breakbulk Terminal with facilities and services that fit with this. Located in the north of the Netherlands, with direct connection to the North Sea and the river Eems, Broekman Eemshaven Services provides you with a strategic location for optimizing your logistics chain. Especially when it comes to the Offshore and Onshore wind market. This location is also equipped to handle other breakbulk projects.

Are you curious how Broekman Logistics can make a difference in your market? Contact our colleague and find out how we can optimise your supply chain for your Wind projects.