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How to Efficiently Manage Increased Demand and Logistics Congestions during Public Holidays in India


India embraces a rich tapestry of traditions and languages across its vast regions, it being a melting pot of diversity. The country gives rise to a multitude of celebrations and holidays, some observed nationwide and others varying from region to region. From a logistics standpoint, the diversity presents unique challenges.

India’s Cultural Diversity

India, the 7th largest country, embraces a rich tapestry of languages, cuisines, and traditions across its vast regions. With diverse religions and cultural values, it’s a melting pot of diversity. At Broekman Logistics, we embrace this diversity within our operations, fostering harmonious intertwining of cultures. For example, Mr. Hari Krishnan, Head of Delhi office communicates seamlessly with southern vendors and coordinates with Chennai. He was born in Chennai, migrated to Delhi 32 years ago. His mother tongue is Kannada but he can speak all 4 languages of South India. Karan Vij, Trade Lane Manager at Broekman Logistics, addresses: “This approach enhances our understanding of local dynamics and strengthens our ability to navigate challenges posed by public holidays.”

Regional Public Holiday Variances

The multicultural landscape, as previously described, spans the diverse regions with distinct traditional values and gives rise to a multitude of celebrations and holidays across the country. While certain festivals are observed nationwide, others vary from region to region. For example, while the vibrant Holi festival is celebrated nationwide and marks a national holiday in Delhi, it may not be recognized as a holiday in Chennai. From a logistical standpoint, this diversity presents unique challenges. Cargo arriving at Delhi Airport during Holi or the day preceding it risks incurring demurrage charges due to the holiday closure of customs operations. In contrast, shipments arriving at ports or airports in Chennai can often be cleared on the same day.

Moreover, the lead-up to national holidays poses logistical hurdles, as a significant portion of the workforce, primarily comprised of individuals from other cities, often returns to their hometowns to partake in local festivities. For instance, during Onam, a holiday in Kerala, workers from Kerala employed in cities like Mumbai or Delhi tend to take leave simultaneously, resulting in a temporary shortage of essential manpower required for smooth logistics operations. Understanding and effectively navigating these cultural dynamics are paramount for ensuring the seamless movement of cargo amidst India’s diverse cultural tapestry.

“Despite these hurdles, at Broekman Logistics we embrace India’s cultural diversity and share our local expertise with industrial partners from Europe and India.”

How we build Supply Chain Resilience during Festive Pressures

During festive seasons, there is a notable surge in consumer demand, leading to a corresponding increase in shipments. This heightened demand can place considerable strain on the supply chain, resulting in congestion at critical points such as ports, warehouses, and transportation hubs. However, Broekman Logistics is uniquely positioned to address these challenges, with 18 offices strategically located across the country. This extensive network ensures seamless communication and meticulous planning, even amidst the holiday rush. For instance, in Maharashtra, where celebrations for Ganesh Chaturthi commence ten days in advance, meticulous planning is imperative to prevent disruptions in the supply chain. “Despite these hurdles, at Broekman Logistics we embrace India’s cultural diversity and share our local expertise with industrial partners from Europe and India.” mentions Karan.

Our offices, strategically situated near major ports and airports, afford us detailed insight into local operations, enabling us to navigate holiday seasons adeptly. With staff fluent in local languages and possessing intimate knowledge of regional dynamics, we can plan departures and arrivals with precision, mitigating potential delays. Moreover, to alleviate the impact of holiday season rush, we offer storage facilities as a buffer to manage increased demand. This proactive approach includes storing spare parts and assembly components for larger equipment, ensuring our clients’ businesses remain uninterrupted even during periods of heightened demand. By leveraging our extensive network and proactive measures, we ensure that our clients receive seamless service, regardless of the challenges posed by public holidays and festive seasons. Karan Vij, Trade Lane Manager at Broekman Logistics, mentions: “As much as we celebrate logistics, we like to celebrate all the festivals within all regions.”

Public Holidays in India

New Year’s: 1 January 2024 (nation wide)

Pongal: 15 January 2024 (regions: Chennai/ Coimbatore/ Tuticorin and Cochin)

Thiruvallur Day: 16 January 2024 (regions: Chennai/ Coimbatore/ Tuticorin)

Republic Day/ Vasant Panchami: 26 January 2024 (nation wide)

Maha Shivrathri: 8 March 2024 (Mumbai and Pune/ Nashik)

Dolyatra / Holi: 25 March 2024 (Delhi, Goa, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune/ Nashik and Hyderabad)

Good Friday: 29 March 2024 (Chennai/ Coimbatore/ Tuticorin, Cochin, Goa, Kolkata)

Gudi Padwa: 9 April 2024 (Goa, Mumbai and Hyderabad)

Vishu: 15 April 2024 (Cochin)

Ram Navami: 17 April 2024 (Delhi)

Labour Day: 1 May 2024 (Chennai/ Coimbatore/ Tuticorin, Cochin, Goa, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune/ Nashik)

Buddha Purnima: 23 May 2024 (Hyderabad)

Independence Day: 15 August 2024 (nation wide)

Rakshabandhan: 19 August 2024 (Delhi, Kolkata, Pune/ Nashik)

Janmashtami: 26 August 2024 (Delhi)

Ganesh Chathurthi: 7 September 2024 (Chennai/ Coimbatore/ Tuticorin, Delhi, Goa, Mumbai, Pune/ Nashik and Hyderabad)

Onam: 16 September 2024 (Cochin)

Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi: 2 October 2024 (nation wide)

Dussehra: 10 October 2024 (Kolkata)

Durga Pooja: 11 October 2024 (Cochin and Kolkata)

Deepavali: 31 October 2024 (nation wide)

Rajyotsava Day / Lakshmi Pooja: 1 November 2024 (Chennai/ Coimbatore/ Tuticorin, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune/ Nashik)

Goa Liberation Day: 19 December 2024 (Goa)

Christmas: 25 December 2024 (nation wide)



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