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Breakbulk terminals

Broekman Logistics can provide you with the best possible breakbulk solutions for your specific needs. At one of our three strategically situated breakbulk terminals, BPS, BDP, BES, we can provide you with the best services for handling and storage of your breakbulk cargo. Almost 60 years ago Broekman started its breakbulk activities in Rotterdam, today the company has a global presence with offices all over the world.

Meeting your high safety standards

Handling breakbulk is complex. You want standards met at all times. Our terminals comply with regulations for quality, safety and security. Our dedicated team, through diverse logistics services and supply chain solutions, are always looking for the most efficient way to handle your breakbulk cargo. Our years of breakbulk experience in combination with our team of experts guarantees you the best possible solution for your goods. We invest in technology to optimise our systems continuously, but we also invest in our highly trained workforce because special goods require special attention, that sometimes can only be given by a real-life expert. 


Our breakbulk services include:
  • Consulting you on how to control an optimal supply chain.
  • Arranging further transportation of your products.
  • Seaworthy lashing and securing of your cargo for transport.
  • Customising our facilities and services to your project’s needs.
  • Arranging customs clearance and ensuring safety & legal regulations are met.


Our services are often part of an entire supply chain solution: Consulting you on how to control an optimal supply chain or arranging further transportation of your products: no problem for our team of experts. We can even arrange customs clearance and ensure that all safety & legal regulations are met. We will customise our facilities and services to your project’s needs.

Would you like to know more on breakbulk cargo and all the complex logistics that comes with it? Contact our expert and find out how Broekman Logistics can simplify this process for your business.


Do you wish to know more? Contact our expert Mark de Laat for more information.