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E-Mobility and Batteries Logistics

The e-Mobility market is a fast developing market; the global shift towards green energy and CO2 reduction has a significant impact on the growing demand for electrical vehicles, ranging from the smaller Light Electrical Vehicles (LEV’s), such as e-bikes and electronic forklifts, to electrical vehicles and e-Busses. The supply chain challenge for this type of equipment and machinery faces a particular challenge as the electrical devices, notably the batteries, should be treated as hazardous goods; having an enormous impact on your logistics.

Battery Logistics: Treat them as hazardous goods

Storage of all types of batteries and other electrical components is a particular type of logistics of dangerous goods. Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries are often used as a rechargeable type of battery. They are used in many different applications such as household goods and consumer durables and have also become first choice over lead-acid batteries for most e-Mobility products. They play an important role in the energy transition, but recently the dangerous aspects of these products have become more evident. Strict regulations exist for transport of these batteries, as they are classified as ADR class 9. Notably the air freight of batteries has been imposed to high safety standards compliant with UN38.3 certificates. The regulation of storage and warehousing of these type of batteries is becoming more stringent as well. It is essential that these products are stored in compliance with the product specific storage demands and in a safe, reliable and efficient way to prevent fire hazards. As a company, you do not want to run the risk of having to adapt your warehousing to upcoming legislations, let alone to run the risk of storing it under less than optimal conditions. Hence, you need a partner for warehousing with state-of-the-art facilities based on the latest and highest norms.

e-Mobility Logistics: The challenge of combining assembly and hazardous goods storage

E-Mobility warehousing and distribution provides a particular logistic challenge; you need a partner who is able to assemble your equipment, as well as store both the ADR and non-ADR parts of the product. The electric components need to be stored separately, but you also want to be able to react quickly to the fluctuation in market demand: assemble to order and shortened lead times play an important role in successfully introducing your products to the European market.

Broekman Logistics: experts in both assembly services and hazardous goods storage.

As an expert in both hazardous goods storage and assembly services, Broekman Logistics is ideally positioned to deal with this challenge. Our logistic warehousing services are fully compliant with the latest standards and ISO norms. As Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) batteries, lead-acid batteries and (light) electric vehicles all have their own complexity when storing them; we understand that they need to be stored properly. Whether a trickle charger is required or if you need to store batteries in the form of individual cells or complete packs, we are able to deal with your specific requests. As such, you can rely on a reliable, high-quality and safe storage of your batteries, electrical devices, e-mobility equipment and other electric components, whilst also being able to quickly respond to market demand due to our extensive assembly experience.

End-to-end Logistic solutions

Value-added logistics (VAL) and Value-added services (VAS) distinguish Broekman Logistics. With references in both the assembly of agricultural and construction equipment, as well as a long track-record in storing a vast range of specialty chemicals, Broekman Logistics is in a unique position to support you with your battery and e-mobility supply chain, whether it concerns e-bikes, scooters, forklifts or other electric mobility equipment. Specialised packaging, labelling and inspection of your mobility equipment are well known to us.

A personal touch and willingness to invest in your e-supply chain

With multiple references in both assembly, hazardous goods storage and life-cycle services – our personal touch and the willingness to invest in your particular supply chain - Broekman Logistics is a perfect partner for setting up your European distribution for e-mobility equipment.
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