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Healthcare Logistics

Broekman Logistics, your partner for combined GDP and hazardous goods storage

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry are fast-growing markets in which strict requirements are set for the quality of its products, as well as any handlings regarding these products. At Broekman Logistics, we understand better than anyone how to handle goods that have strict safety and quality requirements due to our vast experience in hazardous goods storage. Nowadays, more and more goods in the pharmaceutical industry are classified as hazardous and are required to be handled and stored with this classification. Another trend we notice is the demand for higher safety stocks, your solution: Broekman Logistics.

GDP certified warehouses for the pharmaceutical industry

With our state of the art warehouses in both Venlo and Antwerp (Ecowell and Servaes), Broekman Logistics offers ample storage capacity that meets the Good Distribution Practices (GDP) requirements. With our knowledge of storing hazardous substances, both warehouses are certified according to the strictest standards. This means that the combination of GDP and hazardous goods storage leads to something rarely seen within Pharma Logistics. It enables us to offer the advantage of storing large quantities of both goods with a GDP requirement as well as hazardous goods under one roof. Currently, already done in an ambient (15-25 degrees) warehouse environment with a future-oriented vision of refrigerated storage. Besides storing pharmaceutical products certified as hazardous goods, there is also room to store (generic) medicines, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) or medical supplies which are not classified as hazardous goods.


A strategic location to optimise your Pharmaceutical supply chain

If you would like to serve European customers, the Netherlands and Belgium are your gateway into Europe! With one of these countries as a strategic location, products can always be stored centrally and nearby. The Netherlands and Belgium are an important logistic hub for both export, import and distribution of medicines and raw materials (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s)) from, to and within Europe. Mainly since we have Europe’s largest port, Rotterdam, with excellent multimodal internal connections.

With our international distribution network within the pharmaceutical industry, Broekman Logistics can arrange the shipping of your goods globally via various modalities such as Air and Ocean freight. With India as the fastest growing production country in the Pharmaceutical industry, Broekman Logistics has another benefit with 16 offices in the country.

If you would like more information on how we can store your pharmaceutical products, (generic) medicines, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) or medical supplies. Or if you require further details on our GDP certification, please contact our colleague Marijn Mos.