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Healthcare Logistics

Broekman Logistics, your partner for combined GDP, hazardous goods storage and distribution.

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry are fast-growing markets in which strict requirements are set for the quality of its products, as well as any handlings regarding these products. Some of the goods require specific temperatures. At Broekman Logistics we can provide storage with temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees. For goods and products that require temperatures between 2-8 degrees, we suggest contacting Jasper Heijnen for further information. We are open for any questions concerning temperatures requires. We understand the difficulties that come with the hazardous and pharmaceutical goods, but most of all, we know how to take on these difficulties. We can design and take on the full supply chain. 


Air & ocean import/export from/to China & India

Whatever the problem is, we can provide help where needed. With China and India as the biggest producers of pharmaceutical and hazardous goods, we can provide the service needed. Broekman Logistics can arrange the shipping of your products thanks to our international distribution network in the pharmaceutical industry. Besides our international network, we have Good Distribution Practices (GDP) Certified offices throughout the globe on strategic locations. We have offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, China and India, this gives us the ability to provide the service needed.

Warehousing and Value Added Logistics

At Broekman Logistics, we not only provide the warehousing, but we also take on distribution and Value Added Logistics. With our knowledge of storing hazardous substances, all warehouses are certified according to the strictest standards. With almost all our warehouses GDP Certified and the possibilities for the storage of dangerous goods, we have something unique in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Logistics. To secure the quality, we have our own Quality Person (QP) in Venlo (Netherlands). Besides storing pharmaceutical products certified as hazardous goods, there is also room to store (generic) medicines with temperature requirements between 15-25 degrees and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) or medical supplies which are not classified as hazardous goods. We also have the ability to map the temperature in the winter and summer, in this way we know precisely what the temperature does in the different months. This gives us more information on where and when to store the goods.

International Distribution Network

If your market is Europe, our locations spread across Europe are your gateway. If Asia is your market, our 16 offices in India and China are your solution. With these prime logistic locations spread across the globe, we can provide the best service needed. We are also a member of the IFLN-group and with our worldwide network of partners and agents combined with our prime locations, gives us the ability to distribute fast via various modalities such as air and ocean freight.  

If you would like more information on how we can store your medical devices or healthcare products, or if you require further details on our GDP certificated warehouses and the storage of dangerous goods, please contact our colleague Jasper Heijnen, Kalpesh or Anbu.