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Industrial Machinery & Equipment Logistics

There are a large number of industrial construction projects being executed all over the world, both greenfield as well as brownfield. The Downstream sector for instance will see over 1000 projects, i.e. refineries, petrochemical plants, fertiliser plants, i.a., being completed in the period 2019 – 2025.

Moreover, other industrial sectors will also see ample projects being completed, such as Power & Energy plants, Metals production and/or processing plants, Steel plants, Cement plants, Mining projects, Paper-, Board-, & Pulp plants and many other types. 

One thing all these types of projects have in common is that they often require large and/or heavy pieces of Industrial Machinery and Equipment to be transported around the world.

Due to the many different sectors in which Industrial Machinery and Equipment is used, the variety of different types of products that fall in this category is widespread. Examples for the Downstream sector could be heat exchangers, industrial columns, pressure vessels, scrubbers, reactors, generators, compressors, transformers and turbines just to name a few. Whereas products such as smelting furnaces, cutting & slitting lines, presses & dryers or mills & crushers i.a. are typical products used in the other above mentioned sectors.


Transporting Industrial Machinery and Equipment can be a logistical challenge not only caused by the size and/or weight of the pieces, but also due to the strict timelines that are often required for delivery and/or installation. Each shipment has its own unique high requirements, which is why you appreciate flexibility and a coordinated approach in fulfilling your special logistics needs. A diverse range of expertise and own assets is crucial, because you want to save time and money along the way. Therefore, meeting your time schedules is our top-priority.


By combining our expertise in Project Logistics with our own assets such as our Breakbulk Terminals and Heavy Lift Centre, Broekman Logistics offers a one-stop solution for all types of Industrial Machinery & Equipment.


  • High standards regarding quality, safety, sustainability, customs and security. Visit our certificates & audits page for more info.
  • Value Added Services such as assembly, modifications, overhaul, testing, packing & crating and lifting.
  • Specialised Breakbulk terminals with indoor and outdoor storage.
  • Worldwide partner network for local knowledge.
  • Arranging customs clearance and ensuring safety & legal regulations are met.
  • Stuffing and Stripping services.
  • Single point of contact and real-time control tower for your project cargo