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Retail Logistics

Retail Logistics: a need for Flexibility and Personal approach

Speed, quality and efficiency are your daily concerns when managing your retail supply chains. Products need to be shipped in high demand. At Broekman Logistics, we understand that the global retail market is characterized as such, and that you need end-to-end visibility to serve your customers effectively. With our personal approach and global network, Broekman Logistics is well positioned to cater to your requirements.

Worldwide supply chains require global partnerships

Production locations in the Far East, make that you need to trust on a partner with strong local connections. Broekman Logistics has a network of long-term, trusted partners, who are able to understand local logistics dynamics. With local representation all over the world and a strong Asian footprint - thanks to our exclusive partners - we can anticipate on your needs.

Multimodal logistic solutions to gain a competitive advantage in Retail

The retail market is characterised by short life cycles, high volatility and low predictability. This causes that you need a retail logistic partner with a flexible mind-set and
knowledge of market. Whether your retail goods are fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), fashion and sportswear, consumer durables or household goods and home décor equipment, Broekman Logistics is able to offer you a multimodal logistic solution.

Our Retail Logistics services include

  • Preparation of contracts, licences and other documents for import and export.
  • Global network of partners and agents.
  • Customs clearance of goods and calculation taxes, duties and excises.
  • Warehousing solutions
  • Distribution services
  • Value added tax advice and Fiscal representation