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Specialty Chemicals Logistics

Specialty chemicals logistics

An optimised supply chain for Specialty Chemicals. The production of Specialty Chemicals is performed by an interlinked and complex industry. The performance or functionality characteristics of these chemicals are regarded as far more important aspects than the composition attributes. In order to ensure good performing products, extensive knowledge and ongoing innovation is required. Within the Specialty Chemicals market four focus markets for Broekman Logistics can be identified:
• Paints and coatings
• Oil, Lubricants & Additives
• Crop protection
• Consumer Chemicals

The storage of Specialty Chemicals is a special area of expertise. Unlike logistics of non-hazardous products, Specialty Chemical logistics has a number of dangerous elements. The products have explosive, flammable, corrosive and toxic characteristics. It would not be the first time that the transport and storage of Specialty Chemicals has led to serious problems due to its uniqueness. Therefore the safety of Specialty Chemical logistics should be treated with the highest level of importance Certificates & audits.

Broekman as your flexible partner in specialty chemicals logistics services

From market-leaders to niche-experts, well-known Specialty Chemicals producers from all over the world continue to find our locations right in the middle of Europe’s hottest logistics hotspots: the port of Rotterdam and Venlo. Active ingredients (from overseas) and finished products (by rail & road) are being handled, stored and transported towards their next destination. Importing or exporting specialty chemicals often involves multiple carriers, legalities and requirements. Broekman Logistics supports you in a full range of freight forwarding services on a global scale.

A strategic location to accompany your supply chain.

When serving European clients, the Netherlands is one of the best locations to be located in. The Netherlands is a major logistics link for the export, import and transshipments of chemical products from and to Europe and it has Europe’s largest port, Rotterdam, which has excellent multimodal hinterland connections.
In order to respond to the needs and requirements of the Specialty Chemicals market, Broekman Logistics has several hazardous goods warehouses. Broekman Logistics’ total warehousing capacity in the Netherlands amounts to more than 310,000 m2. A third of this is designed for the storage of hazardous goods.

Value-adding services

Broekman Logistics offers you much more. Value-adding services are being applied by professionals in our dedicated, safe and secured warehouses and IT-systems are being linked. An on-going mutual focus on innovation, quality, flexibility and customer focus has led to sustainable, effective logistics performances, shorter lead times and lower inventories. Bottom line: through partnering we reach both savings and more satisfied customers for Specialty Chemicals producers.
Are you curious how Broekman Logistics can make a difference in your market? Contact Marijn Mos and find out how we can optimise your supply chain for your Specialty Chemicals.