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Crop Protection & Agro

Crop Protection & Agro market

Crop Protection products are a key-driver of development in modern times. Herbicides, fungicides and insecticides are crucial in order to produce enough food to feed the global population, now and in the future. Factors like increasing population, increasing awareness among farmers and decreasing arable land are drivers for the global agrochemicals market. Your products are therefore invaluable and they deserve an equally invaluable supply chain.

Furthermore the presence of several producers with high volumes and a wide range of products is expected to increase competition, It is expected that the producers will compete on the basis of geographical reach. Broekman Logistics knows your business like it is our own. We understand your challenges and opportunities and offer everything you need to further improve the supply chain. Being able to scale up and size down - just in time - is a major logistic challenge. We know this and have become experts at it. 

Crop Protection services

Let us store your products and prepare them for delivery on your behalf. This cost-effective supply chain strategy gives you flexibility over your stock and shortens your lead time. Satisfied customers guaranteed. Crop protection services include:

  • Storage in ADR-warehouses
  • Forwarding
  • 24/7 distribution throughout Europe, to be followed with track & trace
  • Co-packing
  • Site or road-side delivery
  • Careful quality checks
  • VAL activities like: (re)palletising, (re)labelling, (re)packaging, returns handling
  • Qualified in-house specialists
  • Single point of contact

Want to learn more about our experience in the transport and storage of crop protection? Contact us directly with your question or for a personal appointment.