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Oil and Lubricants

Oil and lubricants market

Lubricants can be classified, on the basis of state, into solid, gaseous, liquid and semi-liquid. These substances are commonly used in the anti-wear additives, extreme pressure additives and friction modifiers industry.

The trend in Europe and North America regarding the growing usage of multigrade oils and lubricants is due to their good performance in cold climates. Many European and North American countries often face cold winters which causes a delay in the start-up process of engines. The second trend is the fact that mineral and semi-synthetic engine oils are being replaced by synthetic engine oils. But in terms of prices there is a big difference, semi-synthetic and mineral engine oils are one third of the prices of the fully synthetic oils.

Furthermore the oil and lubricants market is characterized by a large number of industrial oil and lubricant vendors and is fragmented. The market appears to be highly competitive and pricing pressures continuously lead to price wars.

Across several industrial applications, oils and lubricants are more and more used. Oil and lubricants are increasingly being utilized in the industrial as well as in the automotive sector. The global rise in demand for vehicles is driving the need for higher quality products which is simultaneously rising to provide low-emitting and fuel efficient vehicles.

Oil and lubricants services

Let us store your products and prepare them for delivery on your behalf. This cost-effective supply chain strategy gives you flexibility over your stock and shortens your lead time. Satisfied customers guaranteed. Oil and lubricants services include:

  • Storage in ADR-warehouses
  • Forwarding
  • 24/7 distribution throughout Europe, to be followed with track & trace
  • Co-packing
  • Site or road-side delivery
  • Careful quality checks
  • VAL activities like: (re)palletizing, (re)labelling, (re)packaging, returns handling
  • Qualified in-house specialists
  • Single point of contact

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