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Oil, Lubricants & Additives

Tailor-made supply chain management for oil, lubricants & additives distribution, storage and handling

At Broekman Logistics we make it our business to understand yours. The European Lubricants market is large, yet fragmented. It is forecasted to slightly increase in volume in the near future. We have a clear vision on trends, in various segments. It is in a market like this that a knowledgeable and flexible supply chain partner can make the difference and help to set you apart from your competition.

Hazardous materials: trends, storage, handling and regulations

  • The demand for synthetics is increasing
  • The transport segment shows little growth, yet Poland and former CIS countries are gaining momentum, as car ownership is on the increase
  • A decline in demand resulting from the increasing number of BEVs is expected in countries like The Netherlands and Norway.
  • A shift to smaller high-output power plants, with increased thermal efficiencies and lower emissions: as a result of changing emission regulations and the push for better fuel economy
  • This drives the development of new specifications and formulas
  • Synthetics are gaining ground and a variety of diversified additives finds its way into final products
  • OEMs are developing proprietary systems with unique requirements: in combination with the absence of industry standards for EV fluids, this results in a spread of products finding their way to market
  • Industry applications face regulatory changes, where the market for home use products is growing
  • Expectations are that development speed will increase and demand will have to follow
  • Sustainability & biodegradability

Efficient ordering and a fast and smart route to market are of increasing value. B2B segments are increasingly serviced through multiple distribution channels, supported by the latest in forecasting, information technology and solutions in IoT.  Service propositions are changing and the focus on customer experience is growing stronger.

Oil, lubricants & additives supply chain services

  • Storage in ADR-warehouses
  • Forwarding
  • 24/7 distribution throughout Europe, to be followed with track & trace
  • Co-packing
  • Site or road-side delivery
  • Careful quality checks
  • VAL activities like: (re)palletizing, (re)labelling, (re)packaging, returns handling
  • Qualified in-house specialists
  • Single point of contact

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