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Navigating Packed Chemicals Logistics: Trends and Insights in 2024


In the dynamic world of packed chemicals logistics, staying ahead of the curve is essential. As a logistics provider, we recognise the evolving landscape and the challenges it presents. In this blog, our Business Development Manager, Jasper Heijnen, dives into five trends he’s spotting in the market and the day-to-day challenges he tackles.


Five Trends and Insights in Packed Chemicals Logistics

Digital Transformation and Connectivity

The logistics sector is undergoing a digital revolution with IoT, blockchain, and real-time tracking enhancing visibility, traceability, and security. These innovations facilitate compliance with safety regulations and minimise risks in chemical shipments, ensuring safer transportation.

Sustainability and Green Logistics

Companies are adopting sustainable practices, optimising transportation routes, and using eco-friendly packaging materials to reduce the carbon footprint. The focus is on implementing green warehouses and exploring energy-efficient transportation modes, contributing to a more sustainable supply chain.

Risk Management and Compliance

Managing risks is a big deal when you’re dealing with hazardous materials. Robust systems help handle these materials safely and stay on the right side of regulations like REACH and GHS. Value-added services, like emergency response planning and regulatory consulting, give clients the confidence to navigate the compliance maze smoothly.

Supply Chain Resilience and Diversification

The pandemic emphasised the importance of resilient supply chains. Companies are diversifying sourcing strategies, exploring regional procurement within Europe, and collaborating with multiple suppliers to ensure continuity even in challenging times, enhancing supply chain resilience.

Value-Added Services: Enhancing Efficiency in Packed Chemicals Logistics

Outsourcing trends are rising in logistics, extending to packed chemicals. Value-added services like packing, packaging, and repackaging streamline operations, optimizing inventory management and lead times throughout the supply chain. These services contribute to greater efficiency and flexibility, enabling producers to adapt to market demands effectively.

Jasper Heijnen’s Perspective

Jasper’s all about strategic partnerships. “We are not just about our own warehouses,” he says. “We are want to work with partners who embrace digital progress and sustainability. And when it comes to our customers, we commit to long-term relationships and smart choices. Together, we look beyond, especially when it comes to the customers of our partners!

Join us at LogiChem

Broekman Logistics and of course Jasper Heijnen will participate in the LogiChem event in Rotterdam (The World’s Leading Chemical Supply Chain Event). If you want to exchange views with Jasper on these trends, contact him.

Keen to dive deeper into these trends and see how we’re tackling them as your logistics service provider? Get in touch with Jasper!

Contact our expert in Chemicals Logistics

Louis de Kok

Business Development Manager
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