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The Invisible Power of Value Added Logistics and Services


Rob van Dijk’s Expert Column for Rotterdam Port Promotion Council

At Broekman Logistics, we witness daily the strength and versatility of the Port of Rotterdam. When I, Rob van Dijk, Director Operations at Broekman Logistics, talk about our work at birthday parties, people often think of the huge container ports and the impressive shipyards in the Drechtsteden or Schiedam. Over the years, the RPPC has successfully contributed to the visibility and recognition of breakbulk and heavy lift activities. However, it involves more than just lifting heavy items, storing them, or loading them onto a ship. In this column, I want to talk more about the invisible world of Value Added Logistics (VAL) and Value Added Services (VAS). They play a crucial role in the logistics chain.

At its core, VAL is about adding value to the goods flows that pass through our port. This can range from simple actions such as packing and labelling products, to more complex processes like building product displays, packaging multiple items into one package, repackaging, and managing return flows. These services ensure that products reach their destination in an efficient and customer-focused manner.


Looking Beyond Logistics

VAS takes things a step further by offering additional services that cater to specific customer needs. This can include assembling and configuring products, providing repair and maintenance services, or personalizing products based on individual customer preferences. These services ensure that products are not only delivered efficiently but also meet specific requirements and desires.

A good example of VAS can be found in the final assembly of technical devices such as excavators/tractors or aerial work platforms. These are often shipped in parts from Asia to Rotterdam. By carrying out the final assembly locally, manufacturers can focus on mass production while specific adjustments for the European market are handled here. This includes, for example, adding parts that comply with the regulations of various countries or printing manuals in the correct language for specific markets. This type of customisation increases customer satisfaction and makes the process more efficient.

Extensive Chain

The offshore wind industry in the Netherlands also provides an excellent example of how VAL and VAS come together. In the Rotterdam region, we support an entire supply chain that focuses on the production and installation of wind turbines. This goes beyond the visible work of the large installers. There is an extensive chain of design, construction, and installation of components required for building wind farms. For instance, a customer in our assembly hall assembles gangways and mobilises them on installation vessels.

This type of work changes the nature of activities from purely logistical to more technical functions, which is not only more versatile. This is the reason why Rotterdam and entrepreneurs will increasingly need to invest in attracting schools and universities. A good initiative is the RDM Campus, where educational institutions and startups are located within walking distance of each other, facilitating direct and inspiring contact.

In a world where efficiency and customer focus are becoming increasingly important, the added value we provide remains crucial. Through continuous innovation and adaptation to market needs, the logistics sector plays a key role in the success of customers and the further development of the Port of Rotterdam as a leading logistics hub.

A great collaboration

This column is written by Rob van Dijk, Director Operations at Broekman Logistics, and is pulished on the website of the Rotterdam Port Promotion Council. Read the Dutch version here.

Are you looking for a logistics partner in value added logistics and services?

Rob van Dijk

Director Terminal Operations
[email protected]

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