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Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2020

Building Better Businesses Together


2020 was an exceptional year in many ways. It was the year in which the COVID-19 pandemic made a tremendous impact in society as a whole and in both our daily business and personal lives. COVID has made clear that the world is more connected than ever. It has exposed the many interdependencies and vulnerabilities in global supply chains. 

During the year, we also marked the milestone of our 60th anniversary. Since 1960, we have seen our organisation grown from a shipping agency to a global end-to-end supply chain solutions provider. Relying on our 60 years of heritage, we maintain our mission to create sustainable value for our clients in the supply and demand network, with a personal touch for our three areas of expertise: Warehousing & Distribution, Forwarding & Shipping and Breakbulk Terminals. 

For three consecutive years now our CSR report proves to be a tangible result of our efforts of 60 years of providing sustainable, transparent and responsible global logistics services. For this third-in-row edition all of our business activities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, China and India have been assessed according to the internationally renowned Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Standards. 

Where in our previous reports the scope was our activities in the Netherlands and Belgium only, we have now added our international offices to get a complete picture of our Global Reach. It makes clear where we stand today and it empowers to continue on building better businesses together. Together because sustainability is a matter for all of us, for ourselves, our customers, our suppliers and all other stakeholders involved. 

Although it has been an exceptional year, we have continued to operate in a responsible manner. By acting as one global team, with our unlimited entrepreneurial mindset and our impact and solution-driven mentality, we are able to make a difference in today's ever complex world. 

Rik Pek (CEO) & Nicolas Parey (CFO)



Our CSR philosophy


We approach sustainability as a broad concept, using the ESG structure - also known as the later form of the triple P (People, Planet, Profit) - which covers all aspects of sustainability from an Environmental, Social and Governance perspective.

As the solid basis for our CSR Policy, we use both the OECD* Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The OECD Guidelines are principles and standards on responsible business conduct addressed by governments to multinational enterprises. The SDGs, as issued by the United Nations in 2015, provide a 17-goal framework to actively work on urgent global issues, such as poverty, inequality and climate change. 

We see the OECD Guidelines and the SDGs as essential elements in having a holistic approach, common language and structure to bring focus and to measure progress regarding our sustainability initiatives. Within the concept of the SDGs, we focus on the following goals in particular: 

  • GOAL 3 Good health and well-being
  • GOAL 8 Decent work and economic growth
  • GOAL 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • GOAL 12 Responsible consumption and production
  • GOAL 13 Climate action
  • GOAL 17 Partnerships for the goals

*OECD: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. 

Our CSR action areas

In our CSR Policy, we have formulated our CSR action areas (identified and based on the above mentioned approach). It is our ambition to draw up a CSR report on a yearly basis in order to assess our business activities thoroughly and to track implementation and results so adverse impacts can be ceased, prevented or mitigated. We use the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards to provide a balanced view on our sustainability performance.

Click here for our CSR Policy.

2020: Our 60th anniversary

From shipping agency to global end-to-end supply chain solutions provider

On October 27th 2020 we celebrated our 60th anniversary as Broekman Logistics. Looking back on 60 years of global supply chain solutions where we developed close connections with customers and partners globally. Building on all these years of experience also fuels us to look forward and make sure we maintain these business results, whilst continuing to work responsibly for our people and planet.

Broekman Logistics, what once started out as a shipping company in the Port of Rotterdam and turned into the Global Supply Chain specialist it is today. With over 60 years of experience, the company developed into a worldwide logistics service provider, serving customers in various niches such as specialty chemicals, agricultural and construction machinery and equipment and heavy and out-of-gauge cargo. Growing to become better together with its partners, Broekman Logistics saw the need and value in building strong and sustainable relations, evolving customer relationships into real partnerships.

Global Reach with a Personal Touch is now a renowned motto for the complex, sustainable and smart logistics solutions we provide to our customers, proven successful for more than 60 years now. Changes have been made over the years, but the strength and synergy between the current three divisions; Warehousing & Distribution, Forwarding & Shipping and Breakbulk Terminals, make our company unique in our service offering, seamlessly fitting the needs of the complex end-markets we cater.

The ability to keep up and provide accurate information in a timely manner is vital for us in our relationships with our customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders. The latter results in an increased focus on our strategic pillar of Operational Excellence by Digitalisation, following fast developments in our key markets requiring an agile approach from our workforce, in order to continue to provide quality services and our renowned Global Reach with a Personal Touch.

The global reach of Broekman Logistics: international offices

We provide global logistics solutions through our locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, China and India (see this page for more info). Whereas in previous CSR reports we only included our Dutch and Belgian locations, this report includes all of our international offices to get a full understanding of our entire company and of our global reach, using the GRI Sustainability Standards as well. As a result, we have extended the scope by 15 Indian offices, 4 Polish offices, 1 Czech office and 1 Chinese office.

Our international offices are part of our Forwarding & Shipping (F&S) division. Data related to the international offices has been accumulated in our F&S division. Corporate Social Responsibility is very important for our offices worldwide; for example our Indian offices fall under CSR government programs, which means that our offices have a CSR committee to carry out activities prescribed per OECD Guidelines and effectively monitor the progress of these activities.

The main direct climate impact of our offices is in the energy supplies (primarily electricity) for the offices and business travel. At the same time Broekman Logistics is aiming to reduce the impact by lowering energy consumption and looking at the possibilities of using renewable energy (e.g. solar energy) and electric vehicles. Indirect impact, for example CO2 emissions related to purchased logistics services provided by external parties, is part of our cycle of continuous improvement in which we want to get a better understanding of these emissions and reduce them by using more transport methods with a lower impact (e.g. more multimodal transport).


Energy Efficiency

Energy, as the essential backbone of our operational activities in particular, must be used as efficiently as possible. We use the Trias Energetica as our strategic compass, whereby the first step is to reduce our energy needs, the second is to increase the rate of renewable sources and the third is to use any remaining fossil fuels as efficiently and cleanly as possible.

During the year, we finished the European EED* energy audit (part of EUs 'Fit for 55' package and it's Green Deal goals). We analysed in detail almost all Broekman NL locations in terms of energy efficiency and have planned various energy-saving measures for the period 2021-2024.

Looking at our 2020 total energy consumption (see below graphs), the two biggest chunks are electricity and diesel (operating assets), followed by natural gas. Our current green electricity rate is approaching 20% of our total electricity usage. We're constantly seeking to increase this rate, for example by looking at opportunities for solar energy. Our head office has already turned to green since 1/1/2021 by having 100% Dutch solar energy purchased.

Regarding our lease car fleet, we've a policy aiming to expand the rate of cars with high (A or B) energy labels, with current levels being 33% (A label) and 22% (B label). The FEV (fully electric vehicle) rate is 12%.

*Energy Efficiency Directive. A systematic EU approach to be carried out every four years.

total: 84.343

total: 4.912
Forwarding & Shipping
total: 2.535
Warehousing & Distribution
total: 40.598
Breakbulk Terminals
total: 36.298

Powering sustainable breakbulk terminal operations

Clean and green machines at our Distriport and Project Services terminals

Our terminals are experiencing year-on-year growth. To keep up with this expansion and prepare our facilities for future demand, we are committed to investing in new equipment - including during 2020 a Kalmar medium electric forklift - to add to a fleet that already includes a number of Kalmar terminal tractors and eco-reachstackers.

One of our objectives is to eventually electrify our entire fleet and the use of Kalmar electric machines will help to achieve this target. Kalmar is in the vanguard of electric powered vehicle development and has committed to electrifying its entire machine range by the end of 2021. Its eco-efficient portfolio is setting an industry example on sustainability standards.

“Broekman Logistics strives to take a leading position in the sustainable development of its breakbulk terminals and warehouses,” says Rob van Dijk (Director Operations). “Safety and sustainability are part of our core mission and taking this next step with Kalmar further underlines this commitment.”

Would you like to read more? Click here for full article about this topic.

Our CO2 footprint

We strive to understand our CO2 footprint as completely as possible, not only with regard to our own direct operational activities, but also when it comes to indirect emissions within supply chains and services provided. We align our reduction initiatives with climate agreements and legislation, where the ultimate goal is to operate in a CO2-neutral manner.

We have classified our COfootprint into scope 1 and 2 as determined by the Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Business (in Dutch: SKAO) with COemissions factors used from CO2emissiefactoren.nl. The bar chart below shows the totals across our four-divisional company structure, which is the output of a detailed COanalysis we did on a location and related business activities basis.


Scope 1 and 2 (tons CO₂)
total: 8.688

Taking a closer look at our CO2 footprint

A detailed analysis

Considering our total CO2 footprint, we notice that electricity consumption (with 55%) and operating assets (with 30%) are most impactful. Looking at our four divisions, big differences can be seen due to the nature of their business activities.

At our Breakbulk Terminals division, operating assets form the biggest part closely followed by electricity usage. Whereas at our Warehousing & Distribution division, electricity usage is the largest section with gas consumption having a second place. Within our Forwarding & Shipping and Corporate divisions, electricity and the fuel consumption of the car fleet are the two most CO2 generating activities.


total: 8.688

total: 507
Forwarding & Shipping
total: 284
Warehousing & Distribution
total: 3.986
Breakbulk Terminals
total: 3.911

Waste Minimisation

We ensure that waste is properly separated at source in our operations. Our goal is to minimise the residual fraction so that as much waste as possible is given a second life, where possible even by using it directly in the services we provide. In this way, materials remain in the cycle and less and less scarce raw materials have to be mined. A crucial step in building a circular economy.

Looking at the waste streams analysis below, we calculated that we have 76% separated at source during 2020. Paper and cardboard is the largest waste stream, mainly within our Warehousing & Distribution division, with unsorted commercial waste at the second place, closely followed by wood and metals.

See this article for a best practice on how Broekman Distriport operates an on-site recycling point, allowing, for example, wood to be reused when loading vessels.

Also our warehouse in India (Bangalore) maintains a 'zero' waste concept by reusing as much packaging materials as possible.


total: 2.199

Warehousing & Distribution
total: 1.352
Breakbulk Terminals
total: 830

Creating paperless supply chains

Paper usage and reduction initiatives

Having Operational Excellence by Digitalisation as one of our main strategic pillars, creating paperless supply chains is an ongoing endeavour, with having detailed insights in the actual consumptions as the first step for launching reduction initiatives. When looking at our total consumption, in 2020 9.135.000 million paper sheets have been printed. Converted to pallets and truck loads, this means 90+ pallets and about 3 full truck loads.

We are continiously seeking solutions to keep paper consumption to the lowest possible levels. For example, we implement applications and methods to replace and further digitalise existing paper streams, aiming to create synergy between our clients, IT and processes. Next to this, at current paper processes we provide every printing device with standardised settings (such as double-sided and black-and-white) to keep required materials as low as possible. 

Nice-to-know: Our ambition is to purchase the majority of the paper with environmental certification marks (EU Ecolabel for example). We measured that in 2020 68% of the total volume is environmentally certified paper.


Number of paper sheets
total: 9.135.000


Our Global Team in Key Figures

Today’s success and position in international markets would not have been achieved without the right people, leadership and culture. Logistics is a people’s business, hence people are our most valuable resource. By continuous development of our employees and by applying the highest health and safety norms, we ensure that our people are fully equipped to unburden the needs of our clients.

Broekman Logistics employs a total number of 841 people across the Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, India and China. 56% of the total workforce is working in the operational field (Warehousing & Distribution and Breakbulk Terminals). The total number of employees working at Broekman Logistics is higher compared to 2019 (which was 686), due to the fact that from this year onwards we included all of our international offices, which makes the reporting scope extended to the entire Broekman Logistics organisation.

In 2020, 77% of our employees are male and 23% female. Among the executive boards and managerial positions within Broekman Logistics 82% is male and 18% is female. This distribution of employed men and women can be seen throughout all divisions. Additionally, 88% of our total workforce has a full-time contract and equality of remuneration applies throughout our organisation.

total: 841

total: 64
Warehousing & Distribution
total: 357
Forwarding & Shipping
total: 300
Breakbulk Terminals
total: 120

Distribution of age

A closer look at age diversity

The distribution of age in our workforce can be seen below. The largest group of employees is between 30 and 50 years old (56%). Looking at the distribution at our divisions, the age group < 30 years is relatively high at our Corporate and Breakbulk Terminals divisions, with the age group > 50 years being a slight higher at our Warehousing & Distribution division.


Forwarding & Shipping
Warehousing & Distribution
Breakbulk Terminals

Working @ Broekman Logistics

Global reach with a personal touch

'Global reach with a personal touch' means working in an international environment, in which we make a difference for our customers, who entrust us with their products and the management of their supply chain.

Our values are at the core of our organisation and define what whe stand for; providing integrated global supply chain solutions for clients with complex logistics challenges, with a personal touch. 

Unlimited Entrepreneurship. We are agile, have a 'Can do' mentality and with our international oriented focus and global mindset we always see new business opportunities.

Impact & Solution-driven. We seek for the best solutions with real impact; for our clients and their customers, and for the broader stakeholder community as a whole. 

Excellence by Engagement. We strive to do things better, every day again, by being committed to our job and our colleagues, in order to deliver quality for our clients. 

Result-driven Partnerships. We create the difference, by creating it together. We operate as a team and with a partnership mentality, we achieve actual results.

  • Annual Performance & Development Cycle
  • Development programs: Young Potential Program, Management Development Traineeship, Professional Traineeship, Strategic Management Program
  • Broekman Academy, our central platform for e-learning and knowledge sharing
  • Various in-house programs for frequently requested training courses such as Excel, sales, leadership, customs knowledge
  • Mandatory trainings on site, e.g. Company Emergency Response (CER), practical leadership training, use of work equipment e.g. (heavy) forklift training or two-day logistics training for new warehouse colleagues, customs related training, toolbox CLP-pictograms, dangerous goods (refresher) training
  • Tailor-made solutions available within the context of sustainable employment

Health & Safety

  • 1 or 2 SHEQ officers per location
  • 2 company physicians
  • Risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E) and Task risk assessments (TRA) 
  • Daily toolbox meetings and SHEQ consultation

8 Work-related (minor) injuries

28 Interns

5,6% Absenteeism due to illness (NL)

Health & Safety

We ensure a healthy and safe work environment to prevent incidents and accidents and promote the overall health of both own and hired-in employees, where at the same time our aim is to keep absenteeism to a minimum. To this end, policies, work instructions and safety regulations are in force at all sites. We inform and motivate our employees so that they are aware of this and can actively participate.

A fraction of our businesses best practices:

  • Behaviour Based Safety project started including training(s);
  • Forklifts equipped with blue spot technology (visual warning signal);
  • 5S (as part of Lean Six Sigma methodology) implemented to enhance work place safety and to elimate waste;
  • Separation of traffic flows (e.g. clear walkways);
  • Continuous improvement of Life-Saving Rules.

Training & Development

Over the course of 2020, we performed a research on sustainable employability. Sustainable employability, what is that again? When employees can continue to work in good health and with pleasure until their retirement, they are sustainably deployable. Given the increased retirement age and the speed at which many changes are taking place in the workplace in terms of automation and robotisation, this is an important topic. 

We see improving sustainable employability as an ongoing endeavour, in which both we as an employer and our employees must be in constant dialogue. Research within Broekman has shown that offering training and education, and offering advice on career opportunities increases sustainable employability.

These are things that we already provide and which employees can therefore already make use of and which are already being used a lot. Examples include a substantial training budget, various in-house training courses, the establishment of Broekman Academy and various internal programmes such as Young Potential Program, Strategic Management Program and, of course, the Performance & Development Cycle.

Corporate Citizenship

As a global supply chain solutions provider, we recognise the importance and feel the need to take care of the environment in which we operate. We support local initiatives and collaborate with many stakeholders in the local areas of our offices, terminals, and warehouses. Through a 'think global, act local' mindset, we actively work together to reach each other's goals and to create value for society as a whole.

When defining our Personal Touch, we often describe the attention and expertise we have for our customer’s products and end-market, but during the turbulent times of the pandemic we reinforced that the core of our motto is within our workforce. It is the People, who are at the heart of Broekman Logistics. This became very clear once again during the pandemic at one of our offices in India. The country and its people got severely affected by COVID-19, the priority of staying safe and healthy became evident and vigorous actions were needed. Here, we decided to support all of our employees in heavily affected areas with oxygen tanks, for them and their families. Practical and confronting at the same time, COVID-19 severely harmed families all over the world but seeing our workforce stand together and support each other in work and elsewhere certainly strengthened the heart of our company under unforeseen circumstances.


We commit to a transparent and trustworthy way of working together, maintaining an open and constructive relationship with customers, suppliers, governments and all other stakeholders. In addition to our efforts to report transparently on our sustainability initiatives, we strive to apply a continuous process of due diligence to identify risks regarding human rights, working conditions and the environment in our operations, supply chains and business relationships.

Our key areas of action regarding governance:

Operational Excellence by Digitalisation. It is our daily drive to do things better, every day again, by excelling in engagement, in order to deliver the best quality for our clients. We go for the highest level of compliance regarding quality, environmental awareness, safety, customs and security. We are always seeking opportunities to further digitalise processes, taking inefficiencies out of the supply chain and bringing extra value to our customers.

Sustainable Business & Innovation. We aim for the best solutions with real impact; for our clients and their customers, and for the broader stakeholder community as a whole. With our unlimited entrepreneurial mindset, we team up with our partners in the supply chain to develop sustainable and innovative chain initiatives. We offer multimodal and intermodal transport concepts, which contributes to making the logistics chain more sustainable.

Sustainable Procurement. We strive to make responsible investment and sourcing choices that take safety, health, environmental and quality criteria into account. It is our ambition to further integrate commitments and/or operational targets related to sustainable procurement into our procurement policies and standards. In this way, we ensure that our procurement processes enhance our mission to create sustainable value for our clients.

Click here to meet our senior management. Our Code of Conduct can be found on this page.

Integrated global supply chain solutions

Providing global supply chain solutions in Forwarding & Shipping, Warehousing & Distribution and Breakbulk Terminals

As a fully-fledged logistics service provider we take care of everything that comes with global transportation, ranging from raw materials to finished goods. We always aim to shorten value chains and continuously unburden our customers in terms of transportation and the flow of documents.

Our services consist of:

  • Forwarding & Shipping: Forwarding provides freight forwarding services including value added services such as organising the flow of documents (customs/VAT) and Shipping represents more than 10 liner services offering worldwide ocean transport;
  • Warehousing & Distribution: carrying out inbound & outbound distribution, import and export as well as value added logistics such as packaging, labelling and assembly of products;
  • Breakbulk Terminals: handling, storage and packaging of breakbulk cargo as well as providing solutions in markets that require complex logistics. For instance, parts of wind turbines.

Creative logistics is in our DNA!

Broekman Logistics and NKC bring 84 motorhomes back home

84 motorhomes remained in Morocco after the owners repatriated by plane in March when a state of emergency had been declared with regard to #COVID-19. We developed a project to bring back the motorhomes through multimodal transport. This resulted in a scheme wherein the campers could be brought home in only four days.

After a long, safe stay and a road journey across Morocco facilitated by our local partner, the motorhomes embarked on the vessel, heading to Amsterdam. Thanks to a great collaboration the 160 happy owners finally rejoined with their campers.

Watch the video elaborating on how close cooperation and teamwork led to a successful completion of this complex logistics challenge!


During 2020, we started an initiative to get a valuable sustainability rating from EcoVadis, the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings for global supply chains. 75.000+ companies worldwide are on this network to collaborate on sustainability with a common platform, universal scorecard and performance improvement tools. Also our customers are increasingly joining, and at the same time there're opportunities to work together for better sustainability performance.

Broekman Logistics as a whole has been thoroughly assessed across four themes: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, Sustainable Procurement. This is our company’s first assessment, which serves as a great start for targeted actions. On a yearly basis, we will be reassessed to measure sustainability improvements. Our goal for the next reassessment (scheduled for December 2021) is to get a bronze medal (top 50% and overall score between 45 and 53).


We strive for the highest level of compliance regarding quality, environmental awareness, safety, customs and security. We have various business units certified according to: 

  • ISO 9001 (Quality Management System);
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System);
  • SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment for Sustainability);
  • GDP (Good Distribution Practices), quality system for warehouse and distribution centers dedicated to medicines;
  • GMP+ FSA (Feed Safety Assurance);
  • AEO (Authorised Economic Operator);
  • IATA (International Air Transport Association);
  • ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code);
  • TRACE (anti-bribery);
  • FONASBA (The Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokers and Agents);
  • C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism).

Our Customers


We build on reliable and sustainable partnerships, like the one we have with A2B-online. A2B-online is a short sea operator, providing three sailings per week from the Broekman Distriport terminal Botlek to PD Ports in Teesport.

The Broekman Distriport terminal is located in the middle of a chemical cluster of companies in the Botlek and as a tri-modal, multipurpose terminal it is ideally suited to cater to the increased demand of multimodality. With this partnership we are able to provide a new short sea connection to and from the United Kingdom for our customers.

Watch the customer testimonial to learn more.

Our Customers


Since 2016 JLG and Broekman Logistics have joined forces and Broekman Logistics provides the logistics solution for aftermarket spare parts. In the Born warehouses we receive spare parts from all over the world and store them in a sustainable and efficient way.

Besides the inbound and outbound handling activities, Broekman Logistics provides additional (VAL/VAS) services like customer service solutions, re-work, (p)re-packing, cycle counting. We are constantly looking to add value for our mutual businesses and investigate possibilities and opportunities.

On a daily basis the employees of JLG and Broekman Logistics have close contact to make sure the processes run smoothly. We evaluate this on a weekly and monthly basis. This to make sure we are doing the right things and in line with our Global Reach and Personal Touch.

Our Customers

Vestas Benelux

Broekman Eemshaven Services acted as control tower for Vestas Benelux during the commissioning of 32 wind turbines in Delfzijl for the Geefsweer and Oosterhorn project. During the project we received 192 tower parts, 96 wind turbine blades and 32 hubs. All parts have been shipped to Eemshaven via shipping companies from outside the EU. 

Together with our partner Buss Terminal Eemshaven we unloaded the ships, stored all parts, dismantled the sea transport frames of both the blades and the tower parts and repacked them for export. Various value added services have also been carried out, such as painting and washing the parts. In cooperation with the transport company, we delivered everything just in time to the installation site. 

The wind farm produces 135 MW per year. Enough power to provide 135,000 households with the required electricity. The above project is a perfect example of what cooperation between all parties involved can deliver. Environmental, Social and Governance in perfect harmony. 

Our Suppliers


We consider it a matter of course to collect the waste released in our daily operations as separately as possible. Renewi, as our partner, ensures that waste flows will be kept to a minimum and that we comply with all legal requirements. Together, we go for maximum recycling and the creation of new value. We do everything in our power to minimise CO2 emissions. We collect and dispose of A and B wood, foils, big bags, PMD, hard plastics, paper and cardboard separately. 

By sorting properly at source, we ensure that the residual fraction is as small as possible and that as much waste as possible is given a second life. In this way, materials remain in the cycle and less and less scarce raw materials need to be extracted. This is a crucial step in building a circular economy. We are proud to work together with partners such as Renewi to build a world in which waste no longer exists.

Our Suppliers


Together with UTURN we make the next step improving the efficiency of container transport. The implementation of UTURN supports us in optimising the way we work with current and new transporters and increase the efficiency of our internal processes, paving the way for our ambitious growth.

With the simple integration tool of UTURN the entire process has been integrated into the internal Broekman application. This results in a fully automated and digital information exchange with all transporters and for every type of transport, significantly reducing the workload.

Would you like to read more? Click here for the full article about this topic.

Our Suppliers


"We want our terminal to continuously develop and grow along with the ambitions of our customers," says Rob van Dijk, Director Operations at Broekman Logistics. "To prepare for the future and build new business, we are willing to invest in projects, expansions and new equipment. We chose Konecranes because we were looking for a high-performance crane that would allow us to handle larger volumes."

Our first Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbor Crane is a Model 4 in the G HMK 4406 variant. It’s a compact, universal crane with the following specifications:

  • Maximum load up to 100 tons and a working radius up to 46 meters;
  • Can be used on vessels up to Panamax class;
  • LED lights provide strong illumination of the crane’s working area;
  • Smart crane features, including a hoisting height assistant and a land-side lowering function, make the job of the operator easier and safer;
  • Web reporting provides relevant crane data to increase both performance and serviceability.

Would you like to read more? Click here for the full article about this topic.

About this report

Reporting structure

This report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option. The report content and topic boundaries have been based on a materiality assessment carried out at the beginning of the report preparation process. The material topics have been identified based on the two dimensions of the ‘materiality principle’:

  • Significance of economic, environmental & social impacts;
  • Influence on stakeholder assessments & decisions.

Reporting cyle and period

Cycle: Annual, period: 2020 (01/01/2020 - 31/12/2020).

Reporting scope

This report contains the business activities of Broekman Logistics for the Dutch, Belgian, Czech, Polish, Indian and Chinese locations under its management during 2020. 

Get in touch with our CSR project team!

Do you have a question about this report or would you like to receive the full GRI Content Index of this report? Feel free to contact our CSR project team at csr@broekmanlogistics.com.