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Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2021

Looking Beyond


The title of this preface is 'Looking beyond'. Before we can look beyond, it is important to give a brief retrospect of where we came from as a company and where we are today. 2021 was a turbulent year for us. The Covid-19 pandemic caused disruption for the entire logistics industry, as it did for us. Also in 2021, a new board took office at Broekman Logistics and we refined our strategy to answer current and future demands from our clients and the market.

Looking back at 2021, we can conclude that, despite the challenging conditions, we as Broekman ensured strong sales growth together. We achieved strong EBITDA results in two of our three divisions last year. Our Forwarding & Shipping division saw spectacular growth in sales. The Breakbulk Terminals division provided a stable contribution and our Warehousing & Distribution division aims for further recovery in 2022. 

Also, the building of a new 60.000 m2 site in Weert has begun. With this brand new location, the capacity for end-assembly and manufacturing work will be doubled. From 2023 onwards, current clients’ growth and new clients’ business will be served from the existing warehouse facilities in Rotterdam, Born and Venlo. This too will lead to further growth in turnover and results.

After a year of absence, several great events were able to take place again, such as our annual customer event the Taste of Summer. Next to this, we organized a fantastic family day at our Broekman Project Services terminal and we joined the Harbour Run, the Harbour Tour and off course the World Port Days.

We hereby proudly present to you our fourth in a row company-wide Sustainability report. We will continue to take important steps in the field of sustainability. We want to invite you, as our clients, business partners, suppliers and other contacts in this essential dialogue. Together we can look beyond and make significant progress towards a sustainable future.

Rik Pek (CEO) & Nicolas Parey (CFO)


Our CSR philosophy


We approach sustainability as a broad concept, using the ESG structure - also known as the later form of the triple P (People, Planet, Profit) - which covers all aspects of sustainability from an Environmental, Social and Governance perspective.

As the solid basis for our CSR Policy, we use both the OECD* Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The OECD Guidelines are principles and standards on responsible business conduct addressed by governments to multinational enterprises. The SDGs, as issued by the United Nations in 2015, provide a 17-goal framework to actively work on urgent global issues, such as poverty, inequality and climate change. 

We see the OECD Guidelines and the SDGs as essential elements in having a holistic approach, common language and structure to bring focus and to measure progress regarding our sustainability initiatives. Within the concept of the SDGs, we focus on the following goals in particular (and during the report you will find out more about our progress): 

  • GOAL 3 Good health and well-being
  • GOAL 8 Decent work and economic growth
  • GOAL 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • GOAL 12 Responsible consumption and production
  • GOAL 13 Climate action
  • GOAL 17 Partnerships for the goals

*OECD: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. 

Our CSR action areas

In our CSR Policy, we have formulated our CSR action areas (identified and based on the above mentioned approach). It is our ambition to draw up a CSR report on a yearly basis in order to assess our business activities thoroughly and to track implementation and results so adverse impacts can be ceased, prevented or mitigated. We use the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards to provide a balanced view on our sustainability performance.

Click here for our CSR Policy.

2021: The new board

Re-navigating a stormy market

In 2021, a new board of directors took office at Broekman Logistics, taking over from the previous board which served almost a decade in its last formation. In their capacity of CEO (Rik Pek) and CFO (Nicolas Parey), they are tasked with navigating Broekman Logistics’ global organization through international waters.

Staying true to its mission, Broekman Logistics set out to continue delivering sustainable value for its clients by designing and operating tailored supply chain solutions. In 2021, the challenge was to deliver on this promise in the midst of a rather tough global environment: Different variants of Covid-19 continued causing health threats, international trade remained significantly out of balance, global freight forwarding and shipping markets were heavily disrupted, and the supply of skilled labor was scarce.

Apart from attending to the external challenges, we continued to strengthen operational excellence in our different divisions, being able to continue to meet the demands of the current century in a responsible manner.

The global reach of Broekman Logistics: international offices

We provide global logistics solutions through our own locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republic, China and India and through our Broekman Networks partners' presence in 170+ countries (see this page for more info). Our international offices, being seventeen in India, four in Poland, one in the Czech Republic and one in China, are part of our International Freight Forwarding division. 

To meet current and future market demands, our international offices are constantly expanding their infrastructure. For example, at Broekman India, the Pune office was relocated, the Coimbatore office expanded, offices in Chennai were added or renovated, and several resident representative offices were added. Also, Broekman Poland changed its Komorowo and Warsaw location to Wyszków and Błonie.

Corporate Social Responsibility is very important for our international offices; for example our Indian offices fall under CSR government programs, which means that our offices have a CSR committee to carry out activities prescribed per OECD Guidelines and effectively monitor the progress of these activities.

The main direct climate impact of our offices is in the energy supplies (primarily electricity) for the offices and business travel. At the same time Broekman Logistics is aiming to reduce the impact by lowering energy consumption and looking at the possibilities of using renewable energy (e.g. solar energy) and electric vehicles.

However, the largest climate impact is in indirect emissions in supply chains (outsourced transport). We arrange sea, road, rail, air and multimodal transport on behalf of our clients. Our ambition is to better identify and reduce emissions by advising our clients on the use of lower-impact transport methods (e.g. more multimodal/ intermodal, consolidated, sea, inland waterways, rail).


Energy Efficiency

If we look at the accompanying data, most of our energy needs consist of diesel (mainly at our breakbulk terminals) and electricity. During 2021, the Broekman Distriport terminal replaced ten diesel forklifts with forklifts powered by CO2 compensated propane gas, one medium lift truck was replaced for an electric version and six new eco-efficient reachstackers were put into service. We also continued to work on reducing energy by rolling out LED lighting at our Distriport and Europoort locations.

Next to this, we started updating the energy labels of our office locations to meet at least energy label C in preparation for the legal obligation in 2023. Through our lease car policy, we continue to encourage the use of electric and hybrid cars. And, we expect to make significant progress in the coming years regarding the energy transition by integrating more renewable energy and by electrifying mobile machinery.


Our CO2 footprint

Its our ambition to understand our CO2 footprint as completely as possible, not only in terms of our own direct operational activities, but more importantly when it comes to indirect (scope 3) emissions within the value chain and services provided. We align our reduction initiatives with climate agreements and legislation, with the ultimate goal of operating carbon neutrally.

Looking at our total scope 1 and 2 emissions, most emissions occur in our Warehousing & Distribution and Breakbulk Terminals divisions. Electricity consumption (61%) and diesel-powered mobile machinery (24%) make up the largest share. Hence, energy efficiency (as described in the previous section) is one of our key action areas. The most sustainable energy is the energy we don't need.

And what we do need we want to use as sustainably as possible, for example by electrifying machinery and using renewable energy. We are already seeing that effect at our Corporate division where the energy of our headquarters consists of 100% sustainable Dutch energy, taking CO2 emissions to zero. But it doesn't stop there, because saving energy is an ongoing process.

Source: Scope 1 and 2 based on the CO2 Performance Ladder and CO2 emission factors from CO2emissiefactoren.nl.

Waste minimisation

We consider it a matter of course to collect the waste released in our daily operations as separately as possible. We collect and dispose of A and B wood, plastics, paper and cardboard and metals separately. By sorting properly at source, we ensure that the residual fraction is as small as possible and that as much waste as possible is given a second life. This keeps materials in the cycle and reduces the need to extract scarce raw materials, a crucial step in building a circular economy.

Looking at our waste stream analysis, 78% is currently separated at source (up from 73% in 2020) and we are aiming for >80% by 2025. Paper and cardboard, wood and metals are the largest waste streams. Where possible, we use it directly in the services we provide. Broekman Distriport, one of our breakbulk terminals, reuses wood when loading vessels. And Broekman India’s warehouse in Bangalore maintains a 'zero' waste concept by reusing as many packaging materials as possible. Waste is a valuable resource!


Our global team of dedicated supply chain professionals

Today’s success and position in international markets would not have been achieved without the right people, leadership and culture. Logistics is a people’s business, hence people are our most valuable resource. By continuous development of our employees and by applying the highest health and safety norms, we ensure that our people are fully equipped to unburden the needs of our clients.

Working at Broekman Logistics means working in a dynamic and international environment, in which we make a difference for our clients, who entrust us with their products and the management of their supply chain. By acting as one global team, with our unlimited entrepreneurial mindset and our impact and solution-driven mentality, we can look beyond in today’s ever complex world.

  • Broekman Academy, our central platform for e-learning and knowledge sharing
  • Development programs: Young Potential Program, Management Development Traineeship, Professional Traineeship, Strategic Management Program
  • Various in-house programs for frequently requested training courses such as Excel, sales, leadership, customs knowledge
  • Mandatory trainings on site, e.g. Company Emergency Response (CER), practical leadership training, use of work equipment e.g. (heavy) forklift training or two-day logistics training for new warehouse colleagues, customs related training, toolbox CLP pictograms, dangerous goods (refresher) training
  • Tailor-made solutions available within the context of sustainable employment
  • Annual performance and development cycle

Health & Safety

  • 1 or 2 SHEQ officers per location
  • Daily toolbox meetings and SHEQ consultation
  • Risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E) and Task risk assessments (TRA) 
  • 2 company physicians

27 Interns

2 apprentices

5,3% Sickness absence (NL)

2020: 5,6%

And more!

  • Fitness boot camps and other (sports) activities organized by Young Broekman

  • Bicycle plan to encourage cycling to work

Our global team in key figures

In 2021, Broekman Logistics employs 840+ supply chain professionals across the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Poland, India and China. Most of them work in the Netherlands (54%) and in India (21%). 77% of our employees are male and 23% female. Among the executive boards and managerial positions within Broekman Logistics 82% is male and 18% is female.


Warehousing & Distribution
Forwarding & Shipping
Breakbulk Terminals

Distribution of age

A closer look at age diversity

The distribution of age in our workforce can be seen in this section's graph. The largest group of employees is between 30 and 39 years old (29%) looking at the overall picture, but this picture looks different when looking at our divisions individually. The age groups 20-29 and 30-39 are relatively large at our Corporate, Breakbulk Terminals and also Forwarding & Shipping divisions, with the groups 40-49 and 50-59 more present at our Warehousing & Distribution division.


Forwarding & Shipping
Warehousing & Distribution
Breakbulk Terminals

Health and Safety

We ensure a healthy and safe work environment to prevent incidents and accidents and promote the overall health of both own and hired-in employees, where at the same time our aim is to keep absenteeism to a minimum. To this end, policies, work instructions and safety regulations are in force at all sites. We inform and motivate our employees so that they are aware of this and can actively participate.

A fraction of our businesses best practices:

  • Broekman Academy where employees are trained and tested on health and safety issues such as the latest safety manual, emergency procedure and major accident prevention policy;
  • Continuous improvement of Life-Saving Rules;
  • Behaviour-based safety project started including training(s);
  • QSPL (Quality, Security, Prevention, Legal) tool in which incidents, deviations and adverse events are reported and followed up;
  • 5S (as part of Lean Six Sigma methodology) implemented to enhance work place safety and to eliminate waste;
  • Forklifts equipped with blue spot technology (visual warning signal);
  • Separation of traffic flows (e.g. clear walkways).

A fantastic example is that our Broekman Logistics Limburg location organized a 5S competition resulting in even more efficient, organized and safe workplaces. Great team effort!

Training & Development

We see improving sustainable employability as an ongoing endeavour, in which both we as an employer and our employees must be in constant dialogue. We continuously encourage our employees to follow vocational and other education and training programmes. Together with various in-house training courses, internal programmes and our own Broekman Academy, we want to further facilitate the training and development of our employees.

Within the Warehousing & Distribution division, a leadership development program for middle managers has been active since 2020, with participants receiving training and intensive coaching on soft skills over a six-month period. The program includes training in communication, leadership, time management and project management.

Another great example is our Young Potential Program where young talent within Broekman is given the opportunity to develop through workshops, training and peer review. The program consists of six meetings where skills are developed in multiple areas: personality, sales & marketing, finance and lean. The perfect program to prepare our Young Potentials for the challenges of the future!

Corporate Citizenship

As a global supply chain solutions provider, we recognise the importance and feel the need to take care of the environment in which we operate. We support local initiatives and collaborate with many stakeholders in the local areas of our offices, terminals, and warehouses. Through a 'think global, act local' mindset, we actively work together to reach each other's goals and to create value for society as a whole.

After a year of absence, several initiatives were able to take place again. We supported and actively participated in the Word Port Days and in local sport events such as the Harbour Run and the Harbour Tour. We also attended the Mainport Talents Dinner to meet new port talents and show that the port is a great place to work. Next to this, we organized our annual customer event the Taste of Summer again and we hosted a great family day at our Broekman Project Terminal.

We encouraged colleagues to donate their Christmas gift to charity. As a result, we donated a nice amount to the Erasmus MC Sophia Foundation (in Dutch: Stichting Vrienden van het Sophia). Sophia is a leading children's hospital in Rotterdam. This foundation does everything to make the children's stay in the hospital as pleasant as possible and contributes to the financing of scientific research and innovative projects.


 We commit to a transparent and trustworthy way of working together, maintaining an open and constructive relationship with customers, suppliers, governments and all other stakeholders. In addition to our efforts to report transparently on our sustainability initiatives, we strive to apply a continuous process of due  diligence to identify risks regarding human rights, working conditions and the environment in our operations, supply chains and business relationships.



Our key areas of action regarding governance:

Operational Excellence by Digitalisation. It is our daily drive to do things better, every day again, by excelling in engagement, in order to deliver the best quality for our clients. We go for the highest level of compliance regarding quality, environmental awareness, safety, customs and security. We are always seeking opportunities to further digitalise processes, taking inefficiencies out of the supply chain and bringing extra value to our customers.

► As part of this pillar, we are implementing a program (called BOOST) to further standardize and streamline operational processes within our Warehousing & Distribution division.

Sustainable Business & Innovation. We aim for the best solutions with real impact; for our clients and their customers, and for the broader stakeholder community as a whole. With our unlimited entrepreneurial mindset, we team up with our partners in the supply chain to develop sustainable and innovative chain initiatives. We offer multimodal and intermodal transport concepts, which contributes to making the logistics chain more sustainable.

► See the sections Our Customers and Our Suppliers for examples on how we work together with our partners on Sustainable Business & Innovation. And, did you know that our Broekman Project Services terminal has the world’s first 3D-printed steel bollards? They are developed by Port of Rotterdam and RAMLAB and placed during the sustainable quay upgrade of the Sleepboothaven at Rotterdam Heijplaat. Find out more here!

Sustainable Procurement. We strive to make responsible investment and sourcing choices that take safety, health, environmental and quality criteria into account. It is our ambition to further integrate commitments and/or operational targets related to sustainable procurement into our procurement policies and standards. In this way, we ensure that our procurement processes enhance our mission to create sustainable value for our clients.

► During 2021, we embedded an esignature system for our contracts and legal documents to get them signed in a secure, efficient and digital way, improving our procurement processes also.

Integrated Global Supply Chain Solutions

Providing global supply chain solutions in Forwarding & Shipping, Warehousing & Distribution and Breakbulk Terminals

As a fully-fledged logistics service provider we take care of everything that comes with global transportation, ranging from raw materials to finished goods. We always aim to shorten value chains and continuously unburden our customers in terms of transportation and the flow of documents.

Our services consist of:

  • Forwarding & Shipping: Forwarding provides freight forwarding services including value added services such as organising the flow of documents (customs/VAT) and Shipping represents more than 10 liner services offering worldwide ocean transport;
  • Warehousing & Distribution: carrying out inbound & outbound distribution, import and export as well as value added logistics such as packaging, labelling and assembly of products;
  • Breakbulk Terminals: handling, storage and packaging of breakbulk cargo as well as providing solutions in markets that require complex logistics. For instance, parts of wind turbines.


Since 2020, we joined EcoVadis, the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings for global supply chains. 100.000+ companies worldwide are on this network to collaborate on sustainability with a common platform, universal scorecard and performance improvement tools. Also our customers are increasingly joining, and at the same time there're opportunities to work together for better sustainability performance.

End 2021, EcoVadis conducted a reassessment at Broekman Logistics where the company as a whole was thoroughly assessed on four themes: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, Sustainable Procurement.

The result of the reassessment is that we received 56 out of 100 points placing us in the top 11% of logistics service providers assessed by EcoVadis, awarding us a silver medal. As Broekman Logistics we are very proud and look forward to continuing the sustainable developments within our operations. Together we aim to achieve an EcoVadis gold medal for sustainability in the next three years.


We strive for the highest level of compliance regarding quality, environmental awareness, safety, customs and security. We have various business units certified according to: 

  • ISO 9001 (Quality Management System);
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System);
  • SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment for Sustainability);
  • GDP (Good Distribution Practices), system for maintaining the quality level of the distribution network for the pharmaceutical industry;
  • AEO (Authorised Economic Operator);
  • IATA (International Air Transport Association);
  • ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code);
  • Tcertification (certification that demonstrates our commitment to commercial transparency and anti-bribery);
  • FONASBA (The Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokers and Agents);
  • C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism).

A number of business units underwent audits last year which resulted in the successful renewal of certifications. For example, Broekman Distriport and Broekman Project Services successfully renewed their ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISPS certifications. In addition, Broekman Logistics India became an ISO 9001 and also GDP certified company in 2021. And, Broekman Logistics Europoort and Venlo achieved outstanding scores on their 2021 SQAS assessment.

Our Customers


Lately, the Pharmaceutical market has shown a significant increase in demand for the storage of products which are not only classified as GDP (medicines and active substances) but also as dangerous (ADR) goods. Current supply in the market provides ample facilities for GDP warehousing, but combined expertise of large-scale hazardous goods and GDP certificated storage is less commonly available. When Alloga, a leader in Healthcare Logistics, was looking for such a solution, Broekman Logistics was there to assist and realize a suitable solution within a year.

To comply with the law and regulations, Broekman Logistics had a wholesale license to store medicines and active substances (APIs). To obtain such a wholesale license, Broekman Logistics had to meet the requirements for Good Distribution Practices (GDP), including suitable storage facilities (15-25 C°), an adequate quality system, procedures and specially trained personnel.

In parallel, the Broekman Logistics’ airfreight forwarding professionals in Amsterdam and the ocean freight forwarding experts in the Broekman Logistics branch offices in India have obtained a similar GDP certification in order to unburden our clients’ complete supply chain.

Our Customers


Broekman Logistics and Kubota started their cooperation in 2005 with a European Distribution Center (EDC) in Born. The EDC expanded in 2009 with the addition of Value Added Services and now, in 2021, forms a logistics campus of approximately 40.000 m2 for Kubota’s construction machinery division. The partnership between Kubota and Broekman Logistics is further strengthened by the opening of the new-built warehouse in Weert, The Netherlands.

The new warehouse setup in Weert will create further efficiencies in the continuous improvements of the operations that have been in place for so many years now. The new setup will build an optimised layout of logistics and assembly, reduce lead times and facilitate future growth for Kubota. Furthermore, it will contribute to both Kubota’s and Broekman Logistics’ goals of providing sustainable operations and services.

Ralph Caspanni, CEO at Heylen Warehouses: “We are very excited about the renewed cooperation with Broekman Logistics, wherein we build on previous successful projects exploited together. Next to the great cooperation with Broekman Logistics, we are very proud that a renowned global brand like Kubota has been chosen for a high-quality warehouse investment of Heylen Warehouses. The project Logistic Mill 21 in Weert combines the state-of-the-art warehouse with all modern technical requirements and unique landscape integration. In cooperation with landscape architect MTD, a courtyard garden of 6.000 sqm is established to promote climate adaptation.”

Our Customers


HG, the market leader in the Benelux for cleaning products, decided to move the warehousing and value-added services to an external location. Broekman Logistics Venlo has been chosen as the best strategic fit based on the location's characteristics and broad experience in handling specialty chemical products.       

"Outsourcing a part of our supply chain is a big step for us" says Jeroen Mustert, CEO at HG. He continues: "We have always decided to keep the supply chain in our own hands as much as possible. This is to have optimal control over the production process. However, in line with safety rules and regulations and our growth ambitions, the option to outsource certain aspects of the supply chain became increasingly attractive. It took time to find the right partner who could provide solutions to the processes, standards and service levels we maintain. In the end we found our partner and location in Broekman Logistics Venlo."

Our Suppliers


When setting up the Broekman Logistics warehouse in Venlo, safety was a top priority for all suppliers involved, including Motrac for the necessary logistics equipment. "We comply here with the European ADR guidelines for hazardous materials and GDP guidelines for the storage of medicines" mentions Noud Prince, Project manager at Broekman Logistics. He continues: "This warehouse was built with future growth in mind and has an expansion capacity of 30.000 m2 of floor space, as the demand for storage of hazardous materials and merchandise continues to increase. For the storage and order picking of all our customers' products on pallets, in boxes and in unit packages, we have invested in forklifts, order picking trucks, pallet trucks, reach trucks and narrow aisle trucks from Linde. Broekman Logistics has worked with Motrac for this because Linde trucks offer the right quality and safety features for our company."

All Linde trucks in the Broekman Logistics warehouse in Venlo are equipped with a seat belt, BlueSpot and camera system for the safety of the drivers and to prevent accidents. "Because customers' products are stored in different compartments, there are many passages here" explains Prince. "Therefore, Linde's BlueSpot is a useful visual warning signal for our warehouse workers to avoid unsafe situations with other trucks and pedestrians. Furthermore, Dynamic Mast Control, Active Stability Control and cameras on the trucks help to safely put away and pick full pallets at a great height. In addition to the mentioned safety features, the flexible configuration options, ease of use and driving comfort of the Linde trucks are important selection criteria and benefits for our company."

Our Suppliers


For JLG, a leading manufacturer of lifting equipment, we handle the parts operation for the EMEAIR region from our facility in Born. Because of our long-term cooperation and mutual focus on improving efficiency and sustainability, we completed a full redesign of the packaging area.

As part of sustainable business operations, sustainable packaging solutions are essential. This is why we partnered with Pregis, an international supplier of packaging solutions. Pregis supplied a brand new packaging area layout, consisting of an on-demand paper and inflatable air cushions system. All the paper is 100% recycled; no new trees are destroyed to produce this paper. Even the air cushions used are 100% recyclable and made from 50% post-consumer material.

With this integration, both the packaging quality and the handling performance (reducing downtime and internal logistics) has been increased. And, the use of recycled and recyclable materials reduces CO2 emissions (up to 70%), saves water and avoids cutting down trees.

A perfect example of partnership in the chain!

Our Suppliers

DSV Global Transport and Logistics

DSV, one of the world's largest transportation and logistics companies and also one of our 4PL partners, has a strong focus on improving Environmental, Social and Governance performance and is actively working to make supply chains more sustainable and reduce the environmental footprint of its own operations.

DSV is committed to the Science Based Targets Initiative, in which it has set ambitious goals to reduce its emissions by 2030. This involves both emissions in the own operations (scope 1 and 2) and emissions within supply chains (scope 3). As a transport and logistics company, most emissions are in scope 3 and that is where the main challenge lies.

In this context, DSV initiated the Green Logistics concept in 2021. Besides always focusing on services such as consolidation, load optimization and mode shifting, it is important to look a step further. This includes looking at CO2 reporting, strategic optimization of the supply chain, as well as solutions such as offsetting emissions and using sustainable fuels. Cooperation is essential here, so that emissions within supply chains can be addressed and joint reductions achieved!

About this report

Reporting structure

This report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option. The report content and topic boundaries have been based on a materiality assessment. The material topics have been identified based on the two dimensions of the ‘materiality principle’:

  • Significance of economic, environmental & social impacts;
  • Influence on stakeholder assessments & decisions.

Reporting cyle and period

Cycle: Annual, period: 2021 (01/01/2021 - 31/12/2021).

Reporting scope

This report contains the business activities of Broekman Logistics for the Dutch, Belgian, Czech, Polish, Indian and Chinese locations under its management during 2021. 

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